Frugal Food Series: Tuna

Welcome to week two of the Frugal Food Series!  Last week we kicked off the series with Eggs, if you are just joining us, be sure to head on over there and link up any an all egg recipes you have as well.

This week the frugal food item we are highlighting for recipes is tuna (well, any frugal canned fish)–and we want YOUR recipes!


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Ah the poor tuna-it has such a split personality!  Take a nice thick steak, lightly grill it and serve it with a drizzle of wasabi sauce and you’ve got pricy gourmet food.  Stick that same fish in a can and it magically changes cheapo food for the masses that most self respecting foodies turn up their noses at.

I admit, as a kid I was not all that fond of tuna.  I blame it on school lunches.  Our elementary school served “Tuna Surprise” which was a sort of thin white sauce with tuna and peas.  The surprise?  There were 4 saltines under the glop.  Ick.

However as I’ve matured I’ve come to appreciate tuna.

A nice tuna salad is delicious on a salad or in a sandwich.  Tuna casserole can be tasty comfort food, and I’ve found that the less expensive tuna can be substituted for canned  salmon (or added to as an extender) in many recipes–like my Old Fashioned Salmon Loaf or Salmon Patties.

Fish in general has health benefits, and both canned tuna and salmon are low in fat and provide those Omega-3 essential fatty acids that “everyone” is saying we need a bit more of.   (note:  there is concern about the mercury level in tuna-read this post with the FDA guidelines for tuna consumption and remember that small children and pregnant women should limit their consumption of tuna)

Tuna is inexpensive-I can buy a small can for $.55 at Aldi’s, and with a shelf life of up to three years it is a staple that should be in every frugal pantry!  And let’s not forget the other canned fish/shellfish out there-salmon, salad shrimp, sardines, mackerel and herring are a few that come to mind.  Compared to fresh they can be cost effective alternatives.

Now that I’ve waxed estatic about the wonder of tuna, it’s time for you to join in!  Link up your tuna recipes below!  Dig as far back in your archives as you like, but please don’t link to recipes sites or magazines.  And remember, you will always be able to find the all of the Frugal Food Series links at the Frugal Food Series Index!

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