How to Make Biscotti (a Video Tutorial)

So it wasn’t good enough to give you the recipe for Homemade Almond Biscotti – I’ve made a video tutorial showing you not only how to make biscotti, but also a couple of great ideas on how to package them for gift giving.

I really love giving this biscotti as a gift-it come across as ultra classy without having to spend a bundle.  For years I made several HUGE batches, packaged them up in tins and sent them to all my family members as a Christmas treat.  Of course now shipping costs have gone up so much that only folks I can hand deliver to get my cookies :)

If you want to get super fancy with your biscotti-try melting some chocolate in a double boiler or your microwave and either dipping the cookies or drizzling some over. . . talk about a gourmet treat!

Disclosure: Compensation has been provided by Walmart for my time and efforts to create this video and post. All opinions expressed are my own. Check out more holiday baking and gift giving ideas from my fellow Walmart Moms and from the Walmart website.

****This is a sponsored post****

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  1. says

    Great video on the biscotti making. I have made it myself a few times but the results don’t look great. I will have to try this recipe. What is better is that you showed using the same stoneware I use so it gives me an idea how the loaves should look on the pan. I am so glad I too the time to watch this today.

  2. Zoie says

    I cut the sugar down to 1 c and cut the white flour down to 1.5 cups then added 1 c whole wheat flour. I added 1/4 cup cocoa to make some yummy chocolate biscotti, also sub vanilla for the almond. I didn’t like how sweet it was with 1.5 cups sugar. Thanks for the recipe Jenn.

  3. Christine says

    I am trying this for gifts this year, also, cut down the sugar by 1/2 c., and used 1/3 portion white whole wheat flour (very fine), also kneaded in some sliced almonds as I shaped them……….I noted a possible typo in your video, the screen showed “1TBS” almond extract, but you said and had printed in the recipe “1 tsp”……which is what I did, but it could be confusing. I will enjoy going back to your site when I have more time after the holidays…glad I found you! Chicago transplant girl

    • Jenn @ Frugal Upstate says

      Christine-Wow, I’ll have to double check that. I think I did use 1TBS when I made them for the video, and they were yummy.

      Oh, and your variations sound great!


    Hi Jenn – Thanks for the biscotti tutorial! I added 1/2 cup dry cranberries & 1/2 cup sliced almonds….fabulous! It’s only Februrary, but I was in the Thrift store and found vintage thick glass banana split dishes. I bought 4 of them for $2 each. They will be Christmas gifts for my brothers & sisters this coming Christmas – just the right shape and size for a half dozen of your biscotti, tied up with holiday cellophane & ribbon …a gift I’ll be proud to give. Great recipe!….Cyndy Lee – Markham, Ontario, Canada


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