Recipe: Pie Bites

Pie is wonderful, but sometimes an entire slice is just too much.  What if you just want a nibble?  Why not try these little Pie Bites!

Sweet little pie packages that you can just pop in  your mouth!

This is really more of a technique than a recipe.  You simply take your pie crust, roll it a bit thinner than usual, cut out circles and fill with a tiny bit of your favorite filling.

I started out with Great Value Refrigerated Pie crusts and then just used my rolling pin to make each crust a bit bigger & thinner.  Of course homemade crust would work great too.  I made two styles–the first were tiny little 1 1/2 inch rounds–I used two and sandwiched about a tsp of filling in between, pinching all the way around the outside to make sure it was well sealed.  Those are the ones you see above.

The second style is to make a larger circle–about 2 1/2 -3 inches–put the tsp of filling in the middle and then carefully fold them in half and pinch closed:

Whichever style you choose, try to keep the edges dry to get a good seal, carefully poke a few holes in the top with a fork to let steam escape, and brush with either egg whites or milk for a nice golden color.  I got about 10 pie bites per crust–so about 20 for a “2 crust pie” package.

I baked mine for about 10 minutes at 350–keep an eye on them and bake until they are a nice golden brown.

These pie bites were made with Mincemeat and Cranberry Orange Relish–but you could use lots of different flavors.  Homemade jam would be wonderful too.  Just don’t try pumpkin pie–it’s too watery (ask me how I know!).

Note:  This post was created in support of a post for Great Value, to be published tomorrow, but this post itself is not sponsored

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  1. SusieH says

    These look yummy! In the UK, miniature pies like this are very common. You NEVER see a large mince pie, but people consume the little mince pies by the dozens over the holiday season.


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