Recipe: Pizza Money Bread

Who doesn’t love pizza?  Or Monkey Bread?  Put them together and you’ve got a sure fire, pull apart hit on your hands!This is more of a technique than an actual recipe.  It takes a little bit of hands on time to do, but the kiddos can help and everyone will enjoy eating the final product.

Basically you make your favorite pizza dough recipe (or buy a tube of pizza dough or a ball of frozen pizza dough-whatever floats your boat is fine.  Me-I make my Pizza Hut Crust Clone recipe)

Then you assemble your ingredients. The sauce will be on the side for dipping, so at this point you just need whatever you want to be inside the monkey bread-in my case pepperoni & mozzarella cheese.  (note:  I bought a block because it was less per pound-but shredded would work fine)

Assembly is easy.  Pinch off a ball of dough, pull, spread, roll or whatever technique works for you to make a flat shape-then put your toppings in the middle and roll, pinch, shape the dough around it.

Place them in a greased bread pan (or to be more monkey-bread like use a bundt pan).  I did a layer, then brushed it all with a mix of butter and garlic, added another layer and brushed with more garlic/butter.

My dough recipe that usually gives me 2 thin crust pizzas filled up a single bread pan.  I gave mine a 20 min or so rise in a warm oven-then I baked for about 30 minutes.

Mmm.  Doesn’t that look good?  Just serve with pizza or spaghetti sauce for dipping!

This got gobbled up faster than you can imagine-next time I’ll do a double batch of dough and do two bread pans full!


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  1. says

    Oh my goodness! I was planning on making this for dinner tonight! The directions I found suggested a specific dough recipe, but I usually use your Pizza Hut recipe when I make pizza dough and wondered if it would work. Now I know. Thanks!

  2. anonymous says

    Great looking recipe, I’ll have to try it.

    But I was really excited about making “Money Bread” like the title said. I know my mom said money didn’t grow on trees, but I was hoping maybe I could bake some in the oven….

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