5 Ways to Wear a Walmart Tank Top

Who out there loves tank tops?  They are so comfortable and versatile.  Now I know many of you don’t think Walmart when you think fashion (although seriously–they have some super cute stuff for spring, maxi skirts, adorable tops. . .) but you really should give them a look.  When it comes to basics they can’t be beat on price, and I’ve seen in my trips down to the Walmart HQ over the last few years how HARD the apparel team has been working on the clothing selection at Walmart.

For spring Walmart wants to highlight the incredible value of their Faded Glory Tank Tops which are only $3.94 ea ($4.97 for Women’s sizes).  They gave me an interesting challenge this month: pick 3 tank tops and make 5 different looks using clothes I already had in my wardrobe.  I’m always up for some inexpensive fun with clothes!

Tank Tops at Walmart

In store I found a wide selection of tank tops in the regular sizes, and a slightly smaller variety in the Women’s sizes.  Some of the patterns were really cute!  They are also far longer then they have been in previous years, coming down to mid thigh on me.  LOVE that. For my tank tops I chose a white one, a hot pink one and a melon orange one.

Now I have to admit something.  If you haven’t caught some of my references in the past year, I’ve put on a lot of weight.   In the last 4 years my weight has crept up and crept up.  I’m now about 189 on a 5’2″ frame.  I’ve finally decided to put myself first and really make an effort to eat better, cut down on my calories in a healthy way, and start getting more exercise.  And it’s working–I’ve lost 1.5 lbs in the last 2 weeks. Still, for now I’m in the Women’s sizes, which are cut with a little more fabric and give for someone who is carrying extra around the middle.  I did try on and compare the regular sizing XL with the Women’s sizing 1X, and there was a definite difference.

Since I am not happy with how my belly looks, having it exposed in a form fitting tank top does not make me feel comfortable.  I mean it actually IS incredibly comfortable to wear, I just feel lumpy and dumpy in it.  So although I probably won’t feel brave enough to wear one like this I made my first look a plain tank top look.  I love how this style looks on so many folks–just not thrilled with it currently on myself.

Pink top 2

For me the stregnth of the tank top is it’s ability to be layered with so many things.  Here I am wearing it with jeans, a belt and a really cute purple cardigan sweater.

Purple Sweater a

It’s also great to wear under a button down shirt, either as an invisible warming layer with the shirt buttoned all the way up, as a visible layer with the shirt partially buttoned or like I show here (clowning around) with the shirt completely open blazer style.

White Tank Top 1 a

Speaking of blazers, tank tops can look really cute with one!  I love that a tank top can keep a blazer outfit from getting too warm.  These tank tops are so inexpensive that you can afford to buy a bunch of them to provide a pop of color to all sorts of outfits.  This blazer would look fantastic with a white, green, yellow or red tank as well

Orange Top 2 a

As I’ve gained weight my proportions have changed. . . and some shirts that used to be fairly modest now have necklines that dip alarmingly.  This is another place that tank tops can come to the rescue, like with my raspberry colored wrap shirt.

wrap top a

Of course you can also just toss on a tank top with some shorts or jeans in warmer weather.  You can use one as a layer underneath a sheer shirt or one with cutouts that needs something more then just a bra underneath.  Tank tops also make GREAT sleep shirts in warm weather!

As an added bonus Walmart asked if my husband would like to try out some of their George Performance Polos.  These shirts are great–only $9.94 each, silky and soft with a moisture wicking property that makes them stay cool and dry in hot weather.


Yankee Bill tried a few of this type of shirt from another retailer (at about triple the cost!)  last summer and loved how cool it kept him at work.  When I asked him to try these on and pose for the camera, he couldn’t help but clown around:

Bill in Performance Polos

He’ll be wearing these shirts to work a LOT this summer!

****This is a sponsored post****

walmart MomDisclosure: As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I’ve received compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Amyrlin says

    I love your poses !!! I use tank tops year round and so does my daughter, for layering :) I layer a long tank top underneath a thin t-shirt to give me length and with the waist line lowering on the jeans and pants to give me better coverage to stay modest. I am 5ft’11 and my weight can range anywhere from 290-310lbs (I yoyo a lot) this past year. SO keeping myself modest is essential. Great post!

  2. percilla says

    Also use Walmart basics with what I already have. I love the tanks, camies, and t-shirts. I use the t-shirts with shorts and capris in the summer and the tanks and camies are used under cardigans, blouses and blazers. I have also used tanks for summer tops with my pj bottoms that I sew. This makes looking nice affordable no matter our size (I am also 5’2″ and have gained up to 182 :( )
    Thank you for the post.

  3. Cat says

    Jenn, you rock and you know it! I sleep in walmart tanks constantly, so I agree with the uber comfiness they provide, they’re also very, very durable, as I have some that are nigh on 8 years old….yep, I never like shopping for clothes, but also am way too lazy to buy new ones, even when my old ones are shredded. I still wear them to bed. I’m 5’7″ and 170lbs on a heavy-weight day, so, wearing a large works for me, I hate tight clothes. On another note, tanks over swimwear is also something I do often in the summer, to hide my pudge. I love my bikini for it’s awesome support, but hate that everything is exposed, so tanks save me. You should wear lots of neon colors, they flatter you. You both look great. Excellent post.

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