Annual Cookie Swap-Featuring Great Value Sugar Cookies.

Remember how I dressed up some Great Value Refridgerated Sugar Cookie Dough a week or so ago?  I made these lovely snowflake cookies for my annual cookie exchange party.

Well last week I had the cookie exchange at my home.

We try to keep things simple–the holidays are such a busy time of year for everyone.  Every year I hope that the party will be a nice break in the chaos–a chance to visit with some friends!  And of course it’s an easy way to get a variety of cookies for your Christmas cookie trays with out all the work.

Everyone brings between 4 and 7 dozen cookies of their choice.  We pile them all up on the dinning room table and then we all head into the living room for some coffee and a few low key snacks.  This year I made Great Value Cinnamon Rolls and my one girlfriend brought an appetizer style veggie pizza.

Christmas carols play on the stereo while we all chat about life, kids, the holidays, work–whatever.  We sip coffee. We nibble a bit.  There are no party games, no crafts, no theme decorations (except those already up for Christmas) and no gifts.

We simply enjoyed each other’s company.

When folks have to start heading out in order to grab kiddos off the bus, we just divvy up the cookies evenly into zippered baggies.  Again-it’s low stress.  If you brought 4 dozen, everyone took a 6.  If you brought 7 dozen we took a full dozen.  Goodbyes were said and everyone headed out.

My cleanup consisted of sticking a few cups and plates in the dishwasher and pulling a few chairs back into place.   Oh, and washing the tray I cooked the cinnamon rolls on.  It might not have been the kind of hoopla that would make it into a fancy lady’s magazine, but at least 3 of the ladies who attended have told me “That was just so much fun.” and “I really needed that”.

I guess my whole point with this post again is that spending time together is what’s important.  Don’t let the myth that a party has to be a big complicated affair keep you from enjoying times with your friends.  Sure, home made, hand crafted sugar cookies are lovely–but sometimes quick and tasty slice and bake Great Value Sugar Cookies are what fits into your life and schedule.  Trust me, your friends will enjoy your time together no matter WHICH kind you bring!

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post I am participating in for the Motherhood and Great Value. They have provided me with compensation for this post. My participation is voluntary and opinions, as always are my own.
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  1. Joyce says

    I am going to quote your post to my husband. I invited my daghter’s soccer coach from her last year in high school ( and now our and her friend, as well’s as her dog is now our dogs’ friend) over for wine and snacks the Friday after Christmas. And I thought that since I was getting the house ready for her (just really vaccuuming up the dog hair tumble weeds) I would invite a few more people. My husband insisted it would be too much work for me, and that he didn’t want me to be overworked/overstressed during the holidays. Perhaps he’ll realize that it can be done simply. Thanks.

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