Aprons for Mother’s Day

I am crazy.  Totally crazy.  When Walmart asks me to do a post for Mother’s Day, do I go to the store and pick out a nice gift and write about it, buy one of the lovely hanging plants they have right now, or chose a simple craft?


I decide that I should sew both my Mother and my Mother in Law each an apron!  Which actually isn’t a bad project (the pattern is simple for someone with basic sewing skills)–but between a trip last week, leaving it till the last minute and having a deadline for the project, well, it was a lot to do!


I picked out two different fabrics–the bright yellow with pink flowers is for my cheerful mother in law, and the purple and green paisley is for my mom (it matches her color scheme!)

I started out by washing the fabric in hot water and putting it through the dryer on full heat.  You really want to subject your fabric to the “worst” of washing situations–because if it’s going to shrink you want it to shrink BEFORE you sew it all together.


Of course when it comes out of the dryer it is all twisted up and wrinkled, so before you can start laying out your pattern and sewing you need to iron the fabric.


Then the pattern was laid out and cut.  I lay the two types of fabric on top of each other and cut them both out at the same time to speed up the process.  Then it was sewing, pinning, ironing, turning, etc!  Once everything was cut I was able to do the actual sewing in just a couple of hours.  It really is a simple pattern!


When it was finished I had two cute aprons that I will wrap up nicely and give to each of the Mothers.  Since they are both good cooks, I think they will appreciate the aprons.


If you don’t think you have time to whip up an apron before Mother’s Day you could always just buy the fabric and the pattern at Walmart and wrap them up with a promise to make the apron.  Or, if you are crunched for time (or not a crafty type) you could always head off to Walmart and pick up one of the pretty Empowering Women Full Circle Exchange Apron they are selling.  These aprons help support under priviledged women in India–so you can feel extra good about your gift!


What do you plan on doing for your mom this Mother’s Day?  If you need more ideas, check out what some of the other Walmart Moms did.  Lynnae made an Easy Vintage Vase, MomAdvice made some beautiful Waterlogue photo art, Lille Punkin made homemade Seed Tape for the gardener mom, Hoosier Homemade did tasty fruit bouquets, Growing Up Blackxican showed a variety of Mother’s Day gifts for under $25, and De Su Mama picked out a Mother’s Day gift for a nanny/babysitter,

****This is a sponsored post****
Disclosure: As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I’ve received product samples and compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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    • says

      LeeAnn–In our store there was a special display that has all the “Empowering Women” products together right up in front of the store near the registers and jewelry section–those lovely aprons, mugs, pendants etc, all made by ladies in impoverished countries. If you can’t find it in your store I’m sure that someone from the customer service desk should be able to help you!

  1. Macy says

    Wow. That’s a lot of effort! The aprons look great. I’m just now signing the cards to mail off, feeling a bit lazy. Whooops!

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