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I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for  I received product samples to facilitate my review.

Have you heard of Zappos?  One of my very first interactions with Zappos was a tour of their headquarters just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Actually my very first interaction was having my good friend Lucretia introduce me to the founder, Tony Hsieh at a SXSW Cocktail party–not that he’d ever remember our 10 second conversation).  But back to the tour–Wow, what an experience.  Talk about an awesome corporate culture and a place that just seemed so incredibly fun to work at–they’ve been on FORTUNE’s 100 Best Companies to Work For® list six years in a row.  I’d work their in a heartbeat if I lived anywhere nearby.

This is a company that really takes care of their customers and employees–seriously.  No matter who you are, when you are hired by Zappos (and it’s a long process for them to decide if you are a good fit with their culture) you are expected to spend the first three to four weeks manning a phone in their call center learning how to respond to customer needs.  Management.  Advertising.  Executives.  Everybody.  Even cooler–at the end of that call center period you are offered $3,000 to quit.  But if you take the money, you can never apply again.  Why?  Because they want to make sure that everyone who works for them is really sure that they committed to their core values and serving their customers.  And those folks in the call centers?  They are fully empowered to serve customers–they do not work from a script and are encouraged to use their imagination to make customers happy. They do not have to ask permission from a boss to give their customers the wow factor.

Doesn’t that sound like a company you can be happy to do business with?  And on top of all that–they have free shipping and free returns. ALL. THE. TIME.  That means you can order apparel and accessories (or anything they sell) without having to worry–if it doesn’t fit or you don’t like it, you can return it!

So when I was offered the chance to talk about Zappos and do $300 worth of back to school shopping with them I jumped at it.  I knew I’d be able to find great, popular brand clothing and shoes, avoid the stores (ick–I’m not a big fan of long shopping expeditions) and purchase worry free because if the sizing wasn’t right I could just send it back for a different size.

UntitledI went online to make my back to school choices.  We had already purchased a backpack for Buddy when this opportunity came up, and Princess still has hers from last year in good shape, so we didn’t need those.  I did however look through their selection–it was really nice.  Everything from the cutesy little kid stuff to sporty backpacks and more trendy messenger bags.

Since I was choosing full priced, quality items (you all know I love a good thrift store and do a lot of shopping that way)–I wanted to pick out key pieces that would last–things that would really benefit from being a good quality name brand.  I was glad to see that most of the items on Zappos had a good number of reviews–I always like to see feedback from other customers on fit–does it run small, large, just right?

For each kiddo I decided to purchase a pair of sneakers, a nice zippered hoodie style sweatshirt (ever popular) and a light raincoat.  Why a raincoat?  Well, due to our proximity to the middleschool and highschool my kids don’t get busing and have to walk.  They both really need a nice quality light weight raincoat to wear in the fall and spring that can last a couple of years.  (Yes, I did buy it a bit large for both of them hoping to get at least 2 years).  I had a little bit left over, so Buddy got a pair of those athletic pants that 11 year old boys like to wear year round.

Choosing the exact items had me a bit nervous.  Princess was away at camp for three weeks and I had to pick things out for her without any input.  You know how 13 year old girls are–they have DEFINITE ideas about fashion.  Again–the free return shipping and commitment to customer satisfaction reassured me, if I chose something that made her roll her eyes it would be a hassle free process to send it back.

Zappos BoxesMy purchases came in just 3 days.  It was super fast shipping!

Back to School Purchases from Zappos.comHere’s a little preview of what I bought for the kids, you will have to wait for the next post to see how the kids liked them and how they look on :)

For Buddy:

Vans Classic Slip Ons

Want to connect with Zappos? You’ve got all kinds of ways:

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