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Have you heard of ceramic non-stick cookware?  I stopped using most non stick cookware several years ago because I was a bit concerned about the Teflon coating, especially after it got scratched or overheated (which mine inevitably did).  I’m a good cook, but I’m not a particularly neat or careful cook.

I have seen ceramic coated cookware in the stores, but was pretty happy keeping to my cast iron pans.  Then last spring when we were down at Walmart Headquarters we were given the opportunity to speak with the CEO of Green Life and use some of their products for a cooking project.  I was very taken with the look–I mean hey, turquois pans with a white interior. . . pretty!  They seemed to work well too.

And the CEO–he was completely passionate about his subject.  He was so into the technology and benefits of their pans over other types–you can’t help but be impressed when someone cares that much about what they do.

Now I’m not looking to turn in my cast iron, but I was happy to take the opportunity to try the ceramic pans for myself at home.  After all, cast iron is heavy, and with my tendency towards carpal tunnel, I realize that lifting a heavy cast iron skillet one handed isn’t always the best thing.  On top of that my Mother-in-law and Mom both still cook, and being in their 70’s the day may come soon where a lighter pan option is best for them.
Green Life Ceramic Non Stick Frying Pan and Cake Pan

Green Life sent me a 12″ soft grip frying pan in turquoise, and a 9X13 rectangular cake pan, also in the turquoise.  They are so pretty!  The next time I was in store at Walmart I wandered through the kitchen section and sure enough they had the pans, both as individual pieces and in sets. The frying pan I received retails at $24.98.  The baking dish is just under $13.

Green Life Ceramic Non Stick Pans at Walmart

So what’s the big deal about a ceramic non stick pan?  Well lots of folks are concerned about the other non stick technologies out there releasing chemicals into the air and into your food–especially once they have been scratched.  The Green Life products are made with Thermolon–which is 100% PFOA, Lead and Cadmium free.  And it doesn’t give off gas at high temperatures like other products do (you can even use it in the oven)

According to their website:

The patented Thermolon™ non-stick technology is heat resistant up to high temperatures. This means that Green+Life™ has an extra safety feature; if you overheat your pan, even up to 450/850oF, no toxic fumes will be released and the coating will not blister or peel. Thermolon™ is a better heat conductor than traditional coatings.  The thermal performance enables superb searing and crispy frying! The excellent heat distribution also allows even cooking, which makes the food brown beautifully. It allows you to mostly cook on low to medium temperatures.

I decided to test out there “you don’t need oil” challenge with an egg.  That’s right I preheated the skillet over medium, then cracked a farm fresh egg in there without ANY oil of any sort.  That’s a bit nerve wracking (especially if you’ve ever scrubbed egg goo off a stainless steel pan)

No oil -- frying an egg in the Green Life ceramic nonstick pan

Other than the fact that I am apparently spatula impaired and can’t flip something back into the center of the pan, it worked a treat.  No sticking, no tearing, cooked through without any oil at all!

Next I tried it with a REAL recipe (frying an egg isn’t exactly a recipe or anything).  I made my Ramen Egg Foo Young.  I did use butter in the pan–not because it needed it to keep from sticking, but because veggies taste better sauteed in butter!  I cooked everything and then popped it under the broiler in my oven.  Perfect!

Then of course I had to try out the baking pan.  I didn’t need to bake a cake (and frankly I didn’t want the temptation of a cake in the house) so I decided to use it as a cookie sheet instead for my Thumbprint Cookies.  Again it worked just perfectly.  As a matter of fact when I was taking the cookies out of the oven they were sliding around a bit in the pan before I even touched them with the spatula!

Using Green Life Non Stick Ceramic Cookware from Walmart

All in all I was very pleased with the performance of the Green Life pans.  I am going to offer the frying pan to my Mother in Law–not because I don’t like it, but because I have a TON of pans right now–and I think she would really enjoy the pan and use it a lot!

GreenLife Ceramic Non Stick

Finally, I’d like to leave you with some tips on using and caring for the Green Life pans, straight off their website.  This is a coating, so it can be scratched or damaged if you don’t show a little bit of care:

Preserving the coating

  • Always nest your non-stick pans carefully. Never place any metal pan covers with thin, sharp edges inside your pans. 
  • Slight surface marks and discolorations developed over time are normal and will not affect the performance of the coating.

While cooking

  • Low to medium heat settings are recommended for most cooking.
    The Thermolon™ ceramic coating distributes heat more effectively, causing some protein-rich foods to cook more quickly.
  • Use oil or butter, preferably with a high smoke point:
    such as refined olive oil, peanut oil, corn oil and (clarified) butter.
  • Do not use extra virgin olive oil
    as it cannot withstand high heat
    ing and will leave a thin carbonized layer on the non-stick coating.

Cleaning your cookware

  • Allow the pan to cool down and then clean it thoroughly after each use.
  • To preserve your pan, hand-wash it in warm soapy water, rinse and then dry with a soft towel.
  • Do not use steel wool or (green) nylon scrubbing pads. For best results, clean with a soft cloth or sponge.
****This is a sponsored post****
Disclosure: As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I’ve received product samples and compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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    • Mary says

      I had exactly the same problem with my pans and was ready to chuck them, but I started reading about them and found some suggestions on the GreenLife website. I am bad about using higher than medium heat and discovered that my pans had a little film on them, as the website said they might, so I used the softer green scrubbing side of a sponge (not the hard abrasive green scrubbers) with dish soap and warm water and the film came off. Then I fried an egg and some pancakes but before I cooked the eggs I put about a half a pat of butter in the skillet. Cooking on medium heat, the eggs didn’t stick at all and the pancakes didn’t either. I have done this several times and the non stick property seems to be back.

      I have no problem cooking with a little butter, as it makes everything taste better and butter isn’t bad for you anyway. When I was thinking of getting rid of the ceramic pans I tried an Analon teflon pan to fry some eggs and cook pancakes, and without a little butter in the bottom of those pans everything stuck there too. In addition, the pancakes and the eggs were really rubbery and awful. In the ceramic coated pans they cooked up beautifully.

      Good luck!


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