Cupcake Liner Wreath Tutorial (for New Years Eve!)

Here’s a super easy wreath project I came up with for Walmart!  Although it can be made in any color, I love this white and silver combination for a fun New Years Eve party decoration!

How to make a cupcake liner wreath (for New Years or any occasion)

Trust me, if you are looking at this project and thinking “but I’m not crafty”–you CAN do this.  It really doesn’t take much skill, just a bunch of cupcake liners and some time.

Speaking of cupcake liners, let’s talk materials.

Materials for Cupcake Liner Wreath

For this project you will need to head to your local Walmart and pick up a foam wreath form, a box of pins, and a whole bunch of cupcake liners in white and silver.  I used about 2 packages of each (the silver are more expensive and have far fewer in each package)–you could go with 3 each if you wanted an even fuller wreath.  For the pins make sure you pick something with a good sized head–the smallest ones will just punch right through the paper instead of holding.

Reversing Foil Cupcake liners

Because the foil cupcake liners are only silver on the outside, I started out by turning those inside out.  I wanted them to really show in the finished wreath and give it some sparkle!  It would probably look very cool to make the whole wreath out of silver liners–but I didn’t want to pay that much.  So I did mostly the inexpensive white and just used the silver spaced evenly throughout.

Starting the Cupcake Liner Wreath

Assembly is easy–you simply stick a pin through the center of the cupcake liner, sort of fold/squish it up, then pop it into the foam.  The tighter they are, the less of the foam underneath you see and the more frilly the finished wreath.    I found it easiest to place in 4 or 5 of the silver liners, and then use the white to fill in the spaces in between.

In my damp climate I wouldn’t chance putting this wreath on an exterior door.  I will look fantastic inside either hung on a wall, propped on a mantle or gracing a New Years Party buffet table.

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