Disney Infinity

Have you heard of the new Disney Infinity Game? I was lucky enough to have Walmart send me the Xbox version to try out and tell you about.

Disney Infinity Starter Pack

So what exactly is it?  Well, to start with it’s a video game that’s available for the Xbox, Wii & Wii U, PS3, and Nintendo 3DS.  You have a special Infinity base and when you place the various figures on it, they appear in the game and the world that they are from also appears as a place for game play.  But the cool thing is that all the characters can interact with each other and can move in and out of each other’s worlds–so Mr. Incredible could be in the world of Cars. . . or Mater could be in the world of Pirates of the Caribbean.  Additionally you can place power discs on the base.  From the website:

Power Discs are physical items that players use with the Play Set base to unlock items and customization. There are two types: a circular coin stacked under the figure to add buffs, and a hexagonal coin that provides items. . . some examples include

  • Bolt Strength Power Disc – In-Game Character does 10% more damage.
  • Fix it Felix’s Fix You Power Disc – In-Game Character has 20% more health.
  • Abu as an elephant Power Disc – Spawn the elephant version of Abu from “Aladdin” inside the Toy Box.
  • Kahn the Horse Power Disc – Spawn Kahn the horse from “Mulan” inside the Toy Box.
  • Finding Nemo Sky Power Disc – Transforms Toy Box sky to “Finding Nemo” theme.
  • Tangled Lantern Terrain Power Disc – Transforms Toy Box terrain to “Tangled” theme.

Disney Infinity Mater & Mr Incredible

The starter set is about $60 (closer to $75 for the Wii products) and comes with the game, the base, one power disc and 3 infinity figures (Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean, Sulley from Monsters Inc, and Mr Incredible from the Incredibles).  You can buy additional figures for around $12 each (multipacks save you a bit) and power disc packs (2 random inside) for around $5.  Currently there are 17 figures, but those will continue to be added to with different characters from the Disney franchise.  That’s why it’s “Infinity”–you can constantly add to and change the game over time.  In theory that means the kids will never get tired of it.  And although I don’t have any inside information, I wouldn’t be surprised if new figures were released in time for the holidays!

When it was time to actually test the game, I figure it was time to call in a professional–or at least the closest thing I have at my house.  Buddy.  He was thrilled to be asked to play a new video game in order to help me with work!

Buddy Playing Infinity

I asked him to write a little bit to tell you all about it.  Here is his completely un-edited opinion:

I think that Disney Infinity is a very interesting game.  My favorite thing to do is world there’s different to go in sandbox mode, where I can play with my characters and make big forts. My favorite character is Sully, and my favorite world is Pirates of the Caribbean.  In each people you see that you can talk to and do challenges for. The graphics are extremely different from other games.  The figures in real life look like they’re made of clay, but in the game they look very realistic (depending on the graphics of the movie/show that they come from).  If you want to get Disney Infinity, you should get the Disney Infinity starter pack.  It comes with the game the Hub, Mr. Incredible, Captain Jack Sparrow, Sully and 1 power disc.  If you want to discover new worlds, go buy some play set packs.  There is the Lone Ranger, Cars, and a few others.  I hope you enjoy Disney Infinity as much as I do!!!!!!!

By: Buddy

If you want to see Disney Infinity in action, they have a very active YouTube page.  Unfortunately I’m not able to embed the video here, but you can head on over and see not only the official Disney Infinity Trailer (3 min), but also instructional videos and more.

****This is a sponsored post****
Disclosure: As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I’ve received product samples and compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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