Freshen Up with Rustoleum American Accents Ultra Cover X2

Spray paint.  ahhh. . . what can’t it do?  There are all sorts of great home decorating and DIY projects out there that involve this color miracle in a can.

Walmart has a new product on their shelves that they wanted me to try–Rust-Oleum American Accents Ultra Cover X2.  This paint is fast drying, resists chipping and fading, and each can covers twice as much as a typical can of spray paint.

Now I happen to already be a fan of the Rustoleum American Accents line–several years ago I painted my wicker porch furniture with their Colonial Red–and each spring I touch it up.  So I was trilled to see that they had the Colonial Red in the Ultra Cover X2 line.  I also picked up the Kona BrownHunter Green and  Gloss Clear.

Rust oleum Spray Paint

I picked up two cans of the Colonial Red for the wicker (wicker can take a lot of paint because of all the texture–you’ll think you have the whole thing covered, change your angle and then see tons of little spots you missed!).  I grabbed a can of the Kona Brown because I thought I could paint the rather beat up piano bench my mom had given me to go with the free piano we got from the lady down the street.  (well, I paid $200 to have a mover get it from her house 3 doors down to mine).  The Hunter Green I figured could spruce up a few of the really old green metal patio chairs that are starting to bite the dust. . . and the clear gloss was because you always need clear gloss for SOMETHING.

This paint runs about $3.77 a can–which is awesome considering it covers as much as 2 cans!  My store had a wide selection of colors, but if you can’t find the one you want at your store (or you live kinda far away) I noticed that on they have these paints in the $.97 shipping program!  Woohoo, so anyone can have a can shipped right to their door for just $4.74.

Red Wicker Collage

As you can see above-over the course of the year the wicker gets some of the red worn off.  It’s starting to tear a bit in places (I don’t know how many more seasons I’ll get).  I put the spray paint gun handle in the picture because I always prefer to use it while painting–keeps your finger from getting a cramp.  However these paint cans are made with a nice big button on top that is pretty easy to push–the handle didn’t fit over it.

I had my assistant take the hose and spray down all the furniture on a nice warm day.  These stay out on the porch year round and so they have dust, bits of leaves and other stuff stuck to them.  When they were dry I gave Buddy a quick class on spray painting and let him handle the job.  That’s right–this was so easy I trusted a 9 yr old to take care of it for me.  (I was busy planting blueberry bushes along the front of my porch)

Spray Painting Wicker Furniture Red

When they were done they looked like new, and I still have what feels like about 1/2 a can of paint left.

The piano bench had been kept in an screened sun porch year round–The weather had pretty much stripped all the finish off the top of the seat.  To be safe (and to help paint adhesion) I had Princess scuff up the entire thing with some sandpaper and a sanding block.  Then she wiped the whole thing down with a barely damp cloth to remove any dust from the sanding.  You can see in the pictures how worn the finish was–as well as how light the color of the wood was to start with.

Piano Bench Collage

The entire bench got two coats, then dried overnight, was flipped over and the legs and bottom were given another two coats (the legs hadn’t covered fully due to the angle).  That dried for several hours and then the entire thing was given a coat of the clear gloss.  The final product looks great!  It matches the piano much better now, and hopefully will stand up to the kids abuse.  If not, I still have about 1/3 of a can of paint left–so I can do touch ups.

Piano Bench painted with Kona Brown

****This is a sponsored post****
Disclosure: As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I’ve received product samples and compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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