Fun Summer Flavors from Pillsbury

by Jenn @ Frugal Upstate on June 17, 2013

You guys know I’m a make it from scratch kind of gal.  Usually if I can make something from scratch I usually try to.

One of my big exceptions is cakes.  I admit it, I’ve never made a cake from scratch!  I always start with a box mix.  You see cakes can be finicky things, and they used to “fall”.  That’s when the center collapses in.  Do any of you remember that?  I have memories as a young child of my mom sending us outside to play while the cake was baking because she was afraid that the five of us thumping and bumping around would make the cake fall.

Well, the reason you don’t hear much about cakes falling anymore is because the box cake mixes are formulated perfectly so that it doesn’t happen.  Yay for technology!

That’s a long way around of saying that I actually am a fan of box cake mixes.  Pillsbury and Walmart offered me the chance to try out some of their new summer flavors.  Last year they had introduced “Pink Lemonaid” as a seasonal flavor, and this year they added a few more seasonal flavors:

Pillsbury Orange Lime baking

They have both Key Lime and Orangesicle in cake mix, cookie mix and “Creamy Supreme” icing, and they sent me one of each to try.  As I said, I’m a cake mix user–but I usually don’t use cookie mix.  However it had been a long time since I made cookies for the kiddos so I figured “what the heck!”.

Pillsbury Key Lime Orangsicle Cookie Collage

The cookies came out great.  They were simple to make and tasted great.  I liked the Orangesicle best but the kids enjoyed the Key Lime.

Pillsbury Orange Lime Cookies

And although they were very tasty plain, I did try spreading some of the matching icing on a few cookies.  Those were decadent, so we only ate a few that way :)

Pillsbury Orange Lime Cookies frosting

I’m going to save the Key Lime cake mix until Buddy’s birthday next month–for his tenth we are going to do a “Minecraft” theme–and a green Key Lime cake will be perfect–I’ll decorate it up as a “creeper”.

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