How to Play Beanbag Toss.

It’s summer, and I’m looking for things that the kids can do that that will provide more than a momentary distraction.  If I’m going to purchase something and allow it to take up space in our house, shed or garage. . . well it better provide some value. Long lasting value.  Value that will keep the kids out of my hair for 10 minutes at a time while I’m trying to write a blog post.

So I bought a Beanbag Toss game at Walmart for this month’s “Kid’s Summer Fun” activity.  It’s a dual purpose game, with both the washer toss and the beanbag toss. Even cooler? The whole thing snaps together into a nice carrying package–perfect for toting along on a camping trip or to a friend’s BBQ.

Bean Bag Toss and Washer toss

I feel like a bit of a punk for not coming up with something crafty–however I’m up to my eyeballs in planting gardens and I wanted something that would last longer then an afternoon’s craft activity, something I could send the kids outside to do.   Now when I hear the summer refrain “Mom. . . there’s nothing to do!”  I can tell them to go play beanbag toss.  If only one of them wants to play, they can just try playing it by themselves.  And as a bonus, even the grownups can have fun with it at BBQ’s, campouts and other group gatherings.

When I got the Gator BeanBag and Washer Toss home there was a bit of assembly required, which Buddy helped with.  He liked using the screwdriver.

Kids Summer Fun

Once you have it all together. . . How do you PLAY Beanbag Toss?  There are different rules out there depending on who you ask.  Heck, there are different NAMES out there depending on who you ask (Cornhole anyone?) .  These are the rules we play by at the Frugal Village Homestead:

How to play Bean Bag Toss

Place both of  your boxes.  We use the following spacing, from the leading edge of one boxes hole to the leading edge of the other’s :

Kids ~~~ 20 ft

Adults ~~~ 24 ft

Pros ~~~ 27 ft

Placing Bean Bag Toss Boxes

If playing with two players, both of you stand by the same box.  If playing with 4 players, one red and one yellow player stands at each box.

Foul Line

Players stand behind the foul line (the leading edge of the board) and take alternating turns tossing their beanbags at the far box. (ie yellow, red, yellow, red).

Scoring Points in Bean Bag Toss Cornhole


In the hole ~~~ 3 pts

On the box ~~~ 1 pt

If a bag is partially on the box and partially off, it’s a foul and there are no points.

Points cancel each other out–so only one team winds up scoring each round.  The easiest way to think of this is to subtract the lower score from the higher score.  For example in the picture above the yellow has one bag  in the hole, which is 3 points, and one bag partially on, which is zero.  Red has 1 bag on the box, which is one point.  So the score of the round is 2 points for yellow.

When you have two players you walk up to the box that has your bags on it, pick them up and then use that box as your starting point for the next round.  Every round you will be moving–that way no one can say that the sun was always in their eyes, or it’s slightly uphill, or the wind was against them or whatever!  If you have 4 players you stay on the same side and let your teammate throw from the other side for the second turn.  (please, move away from the box so you don’t get beaned!)

The new round starts with the player who scored in the last round being the one to begin tossing.  You continue until someone hits 21 points.

Do any of you play Beanbag Toss? Do you use any different rules then we do? 

Here are some of the other fun things the Walmart Moms came up with for “Kid’s Summer Fun” :  Freelance Homeschool Mom planted a Bean Pole Teepee, Green and Gorgeous made an awesome DIY Play tent, A Cowboy’s Wife made a DIY Paddle for balloon bounce, MomAdvice made DIY Sidewalk Chalk Paint, Wholesome Mommy taught us how to take short hiking adventures with a toddler, Hoosier Homemade created a Kids Summer Survival Kit.

****This is a sponsored post****
Disclosure: As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I’ve received product samples and compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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