HTC One Max Smartphone Giveaway~I’m a Sprint Ambassador!

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Sprint. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and to thank me for participating.”

I’ve been chosen as Sprint Ambassador!  What does that mean?  Well it means that over the next 10 months I’ll be given the opportunity to test a variety of different Sprint devices and service options and share my experiences with all of you–and to kick it all off, Sprint is giving away an HTC One Max Smartphone here on Frugal Upstate!  But I’ll get to that in a few minutes.

I threw my name into the hat for this Sprint Ambassador program because I truly have been thinking of changing service providers.  My current cell phone plan for my phone (unlimited calling, texting and data) and Yankee Bill’s phone (unlimited calling, texting and 3GB data) currently costs us $202 a month.  That’s $2,424 a year for cell phone plans.  ACK.  It’s a legitimate cost because I use my phone all the time for business–but still, it hurts my heart to know I’m paying that much.

I’ve been seeing those commercials for a while about the Sprint Framily Plan (no, that’s not a typo, that’s a mix of the words “Family ” and “Friend”).

What is the Framily plan?  Well it’s a plan where you and up to 10 friends, family members and even just acquaintances can be part of a Framily group with unlimited talk, text and 1GB of data each while on the Sprint network.  It’s cheaper the more folks in your plan.  For example if it’s just one person-you, the plan is $55.  The more people in your plan, the lower the cost.  When you get to 7-10 members you pay as little as $25 a month!  If 1GB of data isn’t enough you can up it to 3GB for an extra $10 a month, or unlimited for $20.

Not only that, but for a limited time new customers who bring their number to Sprint and sign up for a Sprint Framily Plan can receive up to $300 in credit for their current phone and get a Visa Prepaid card worth up to $350 to cover their switching fees.  That offer is available exclusively at Sprint stores and online at only until May 8th 2014!

So lets look at that.  I currently pay $202.  If Yankee Bill and I signed up on a Framily Plan together, even without anyone else, it would cost $50 per line.  I’m going to bet that I use more than 3GB of data a month (I’m really bad about not using wifi and just using the 4G since I’ve currently got unlimited).  So let’s assume we go ahead and spend the $20 a line to upgrade us both to unlimited. That brings the total cost for our two phones to $140. . . which is $62 cheaper a month.  That’s a savings of $744!  If we had 5 people in our “Framily” our monthly cost for each line would be $35 for 1 GB, $45 for 3GB and $55 for unlimited.  A Framily of 5, unlimited data is $110 a month, $92 cheaper than our current cost for an annual savings of $1,104.  That’s pretty compelling.  And if you don’t use tons of data like I do, you could seriously wind up paying $25 per phone for the basic Framily plan with 7 folks.

Do I have you excited about this plan?  Well here is something to get you even more excited–the opportunity for one lucky reader to receive an HTC One Max Smartphone!

HTC One Max White

This phone has a massive screen with a 5.9 inch display.  It’s got amped speakers  for listening to music or watching videos.  There is a feature rich camera that has the ability to do some really amazing things–like edit an unwanted passerby out of a photo!

To get your chance at this cool phone, just enter using the rafflecopter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. nicole dz says

    My family plan would include my hubby, my sister, niece, cousin, best friend, and my brother.

  2. Jamie says

    Great article – we are researching ways to “trim” the costs of our family cell phones. I would include my family of 4 and hopefully add a few more family members or friends – the more the merrier!


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