Maytag Moms ~ It’s Oven and Range Time. . .

I’m a Maytag Mom Ambassador-which means that I received an entire new kitchen suite of Maytag appliances!  I’ve been trying out and enjoying all these items in my real life kitchen–and then I get to share my experiences with all of you.  Last month I told you about the Maytag Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator with Spill Catcher Shelves this time I’m telling you about the 6.2 cu. Ft. Capacity Electric Range with Triple-Choice and Speed Heat Elements.

I’m still in love with how they look.  This picture is from the day they installed it–but it still looks just about as pretty sitting in my kitchen :)

Due to my cabinet configuration I wasn’t able to test the microwave/range hood unit–so instead they gave me a regular range hood.  It matches the pretty stainless steel–and it had the ability to be installed with the air venting to the outside, which is my preference.  I never did understand sucking the grease and cooking odors in and then spitting it right back into the room.  I’d rather it went outside (and that’s how mine was already set up).  The lights on this range hood are super bright, and it has a very powerful fan.  Can you see how it is sucking up the steam in this picture above?

Speaking of bright lights–the oven light on this stove is really bright.  Can you see how it illuminates the entire inside?  And the window on the door is so big that you can really get a great look at how your dish is coming along.

One of the things I did the first few times I used the oven was to stick the oven thermometer in and see if the temperature I set it for was actually what it heated up to.  Sure enough, I set it for 350 and the thermometer registered 350.

Speaking of setting the temperature-0ne of the cool things about setting the oven temp is that once you set the desired temperature and hit “start” the stove display automatically tells you what the temperature is inside (well-it starts at 100) and then shows you as it warms until it hits the desired temperature at which point it beeps to let you know it’s preheated.

But the thing I love best about the oven is the “convection bake” feature.  That’s right–there is a fan in the back wall of the oven (it’s the round thing you see back there in the photo with just the turkey below) which you can turn on and it moves the heat more evenly through the oven–this means things can cook faster AND that the temperature is even throughout.  That’s important because it means that you can fill up all 3 racks in the oven and it will all cook–no hot spots, no cold spots!!!!

Being able to fill up multiple racks full of stuff without having to rotate or worry about burning is AWESOME.  I fit an entire turkey dinner in there (of course the turkey went in well before everything else).  I cooked all the squash at once when I was dehydrating pumpkin.  I’ve done multiple trays of cookies, pretzels, breads etc–it’s such a time, energy and therefore money saver :)

The glass range top is nice.  I know that folks say the glass top stoves don’t heat as fast. . . I don’t know about that, my last 3 stoves have been glass tops.  I love being able to use it as extra counter space when I’m not cooking, and I love how easy it is to clean.  You just put the cleaner on, spread it, wait a bit (for the stuff to work) scrub with the special scrubber, and wipe it down.  Viola!  In between the real scrubs I just spray and wipe with all purpose cleaner.  Easy peasy.

The stove top has one burner that you can select 3 sizes for–that gives you some great flexibility.  There is a 5th “warming” burner that can only be used at a very low temp (one setting only) to keep things just warm, and the right front burner has a “speed heat” option which is nice.  Oh, and unlike other glass top ranges I’ve had in the past, this one says right in the manual that it’s ok to use a pressure canner on the stove–which is very important to me!

Oh, and the final new and cool feature I was excited to try was the Aqualift oven cleaning technology.  You know, I’ve always hated cleaning the oven.  Either you use the self clean and it burns at 500 degrees which is scary (I had a friend who’s oven caught on fire) and ties up your oven for hours since you have to wait for it to cool down–or you use one of those truly nasty chemical cleaners which I can never seem to wipe all the way off afterwards.  The oven stinks the next 2 or 3 times I use it which always makes me wonder what I’m putting in my food.

This oven is different.  You take your dirty oven, remove the racks, and scrape off any obvious mess that will scrape off.  Next you pour2 cups of distilled water (I pilfered some from the dehumidifier in the bathroom) into the bottom of the oven:The oven heats up to just a couple hundred degrees and STEAMS the inside of your oven clean.  It takes less than an hour.  When you are done you just wipe the inside and then do a bit of pretty light scrubbing with something like a Magic Eraser and viola-clean oven!

So far I’m extremely pleased with my new range/oven from Maytag!  Feel free to ask me any questions you have–I’ll be happy to share any answers I can.

For more information on Maytag brands you can check out the Maytag Page, Maytag Facebook Page, and Maytag on Twitter.

****This is a sponsored post****
Disclaimer:  I wrote this post participating in an Maytag Moms Dependable Kitchen Ambassador program by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Maytag. I was provided with a Maytag kitchen appliances set, including a refrigerator, dishwasher, and range to facilitate my post..


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  1. joycee says

    Congrats Jenn. You are very deserving of all these appliances. You are very good at these reviews and have a lot of viewers. Here’s a big POTB (pat on the back) . :)

  2. says

    I will confess that I’m a wee bit jealous. Your oven (and frig) look great. I’ll be glad when we can afford to replace the 37-year-old oven in our house! I’ve never heard of an oven cleaning itself with steam before. That is amazing.

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