New at Walmart: Duck Shelf Liner

When someone mentions the Duck brand I immediately think “Duck” tape!  I’ve done some fun things with that stuff over the last year, like decorating some Halloween Jack O Lanterns and making a custom magnetic locker set for Princess.  And of course around the house we also Duck tape to do all sorts of expedient fixes as well!

What I didn’t know was that the Duck brand also had drawer liners and adhesive “laminates”.  Walmart and Duck sent me several of the items to try!  Included in my box were a couple of rolls of “Easy Liner”, and several types of Peel & Stick Laminate.
Duck Shelf Laminate 4The Easy Liner came in the select grip--which is the non adhesive “open weave” type (the brown in the picture above) and also in the non adhesive smooth top.  These liners are great for lining drawers and shelves (I’m using the smooth top to line my fridge shelves!).  They can also be used for many other applications–check out Lille Punkin’s Clever Uses for Non Stick Shelf Liner for some cool ideas–I never would have thought to use it between nonstick pots or to make coasters!

Duck Shelf Laminate 3

I decided to have some fun with the cool zebra striped Peel and Stick Laminate.  My first thought was that I could use it to make wall decorations, or to “wallpaper” Princess’s locker–well, turns out after a quick call to the company that this stuff is more of a PERMANENT adhesive–so it is not something you want to add to anything that isn’t going to STAY that way.  Wallpapering the school locker was out.

So instead I decided to turn my attention to a bit of organization and recycling.  Princess’s desk is always a mess–so I figured I’d make her some storage containers.  The zebra print is one of her favorites–she has zebra sheets we picked up for her bed at Walmart a few months ago, so I decided to cover some cans with the print to make instant desk organization and storage!

I pulled a few things out of the recycling bin and within 5 minutes I had these cute covered containers!

Duck Shelf Laminate 1

I especially like the idea of using the covered mayonnaise jar as a vase.  I’m showing it with some fake flowers here–but it would be a great way to make a snazzy vase if you were bringing someone live flowers–quick, easy and you wouldn’t have to worry about getting the vase back like you would with a glass one :)

Another great use for these liners is to revamp inexpensive furniture.  Tara over at Deal Seeking Mom did a cute side table using the same zebra print I did.  I’m redoing the church nursery next week, and I am thinking of using the polka dot liner I was sent to cover the very beat up toy shelves in the room. . .

What would you use these liners for?

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Disclosure: As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I’ve received product samples and compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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