New: Hot Wheels Race Rewards

Do you have a Hot Wheels lover in your family?  When Buddy was little he just LOVED Hot Wheels. . . I couldn’t go anywhere without a couple in my purse to keep him occupied.  And the Hot Wheels aisle at Walmart was always his favorite.

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Now he’s past the “little truck” stage being a big grown up 10–yet he still loves his trucks.  I guess he comes by that naturally–Yankee Bill still has HIS Hot  Wheel collection from when he was a kid!  And no–even though he let Buddy look at them, they stayed in their special box in hubby’s study :)

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Hot Wheels has a new Race Rewards program running from now through the end of the year.  It’s really easy to use.  You just purchase your qualifying Hot Wheels at Walmart, take a picture of your receipt, log onto the special website and upload it.  That’s it!  They track your points and when you have enough you can redeem them for prizes–including 2 special cars available only through this program.  If you are going to be buying any Hot Wheels between now and Christmas/the holidays, well, this is the way to go!

·      Sign up through your phone’s web browser ( – no download required!

·      Buy any Hot Wheels Basic Car or Monster Jam products at Walmart

·      Scan the receipt from your purchase

·      Earn points to be redeemed for a free Hot Wheels Collector Car!

special Hot Wheels

20 Hot Wheels Basic Cars or 10 Monster Jam Trucks gets you the Collector Car or Monster Jam truck!  Keep racking up points for Walmart Giftcards in various denominations.

So if you have a Hot Wheels lover in your life, remember the Race Rewards!

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