Pajamas for Christmas!

Do you buy clothing at Christmas?  I find that my holiday clothing purchases fall into three catagories:

1) Necessities.  That’s right, the dreaded socks & underwear.  If Christmas is coming up anyway and someone in the immediate family is in need of wardrobe essentials like socks, underwear, long johns, pants, shirts–you know, stuff that if it was August I’d just go out and buy, well I’ll just purchase it, wrap it and add it to the pile under the tree :)

2) Show Stoppers.  These are the super special items–things that someone normally wouldn’t buy for themselves, but that you know they would really, really like.  A beautiful sweater.  Gorgeous leather boots.  Classy (& pricey!) coats.

3)  Pajamas.  Because hey–at Christmas time they just are fun!

Now Walmart asked me to talk about Christmas apparel, and it was kind of a hard assignment for two reasons.  First, I really don’t buy clothing as a gift for folks outside of the immediate family.  It’s so hard to choose something that is both special and really matches a persons taste.  After all, clothing is a very personal matter–our style is how we choose to show who we are on the inside to those around us.  Secondly, the clothing I buy at Walmart at Christmas really seems to mostly fall in to category 1–necessities.  And it isn’t very interesting to write about socks, underwear and wardrobe basics.

So what did that leave?  Pajamas for the Family! !Holiday Pajamas from Walmart

In our house in the winter Pajamas are pretty much a necessity.  It’s cold here–and we’ve got a drafty old pre 1900 home with 9 foot ceilings.  You know we aren’t cranking the heat up to 75 or anything–we’d go broke.  The name of the blog is FRUGAL Upstate after all.

For the Fowler household Jammies aren’t just for sleeping in, they are also for cuddling up in front of the TV after dinner and for hanging out in on a Saturday morning.  Sometimes I actually refer to them as “morning clothes”–because that’s what the kids see me wearing in the morning while I’m getting them up and out the door to school.

Fuzzy Pajama Pants

Lately we’ve been all about the “fuzzy” when it comes to PJ’s.  Walmart doesn’t disappoint when it comes to that!  It was very easy for me to find Mens, Womens, Boys and Girls pajamas with cozy fleece style bottoms and long sleeve T shirt styled tops (our preference).  Not only that, but they were all right around $10 a pair (the men’s was $14)–which as far as I’m concerned was a steal!

I liked that I could find something suitably “boy” for Buddy, and something girly for Princess that wasn’t PINK.  She’s in the “I’m a big 7th grader so I don’t do pink” phase.  For the grown ups, it was nice to see a huge variety in the women’s department, everything from your favorite characters to the more subdued black top and polka dot bottoms I picked for myself.    The men had you standard PJ bottoms you could buy, but also the matched sets that I picked up for Yankee Bill–a simple gray long sleeved top with a plaid fleece bottom.


Now all that’s left is to finish getting them wrapped and place them under the tree!

****This is a sponsored post****
Disclosure: As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I’ve received product samples and compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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  1. SusieH says

    Jennifer, I could have written this post!! we have a tradition of giving the kids Christmas Eve pajamas, and I found ours a week ago at WalMart, too. The prices were great. I got some owl print fleece pjs for Lily . For David, who is now in men’s sizes, I got some of those plaid fleece bottoms and bought a matching long sleeve cotton shirt. I think I will go back and get grownup pjs, too! We can all be fuzzy and warm this Christmas Eve .

  2. says

    A friend told me that they used the following guideline for Christmas presents and I really like it.

    Something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read.

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