Plastic Decorating Eggs

Have you seen the new Plastic Decorating Eggs at Walmart this year?  These are one piece plastic eggs that look like real eggs, and can be decorated just like real eggs.  So you don’t have to worry about boiling them, having any crack, or losing an egg somewhere in the living room and only finding it when it begins to smell ripe :)

Walmart asked me to try a dozen out and see how I liked them.  I decided to get all crafty and instead of the classic Easter dye I chose to play with some Mod Podge!

Materials for Plastic Decorating Egg Project

I thought I’d try a variety of techniques out for you all to see what worked out best–I tried decoupage using two different styles of patterned napkins from the party aisle at Walmart, and then did a couple more using different types of glitter.

Decoupage Eggs

For the decoupage I cut the tissues into small pieces and then glued them on to the eggs.  I love how the camo ones came out–Buddy thought those were super cool.  The all over pattern really lent itself to the technique and came out very nicely I think.  The chevron was a bit disappointing–I thought that the pattern didn’t really come through and the patterns and colors looked disjointed.  I did try one (the one you see in the rear there) where I wrapped a larger piece of the napkin around in order to preserve the pattern.  That led to some thicker bunchy areas of tissue on the egg.   Princess thought they were pretty though!

irridescent glitter eggs

Next I dug out the glitter.  I did 3 of the eggs in iridescent glitter from the craft aisle at Walmart.  These were my favorite–they were sparkly and pretty but sort of subtle as well.  They look far better in person then they do in the photo.

Silver Glittery Eggs

The silver glitter also came out nicely–but they were far more “in your face” glam.  I sort of was reminded of disco balls!  You could get the same type of effect with any glitter you chose of course.

Decorated Eggs

Of course these eggs can be saved and used year to year either for hiding or as decorations.  When I was checking out at Walmart the cashier and I were talking about the decoratior eggs (she hadn’t seen them yet) and she said she might buy a dozen and have her daughter decorate one each year as a keepsake.  I thought that was such a fun idea–especially since it’s less than $2 to buy the dozen.

These eggs really do look just like real eggs, and I could think of a few other great uses for them.  If you have chickens and are trying to get the hens to lay in the nesting boxes, you could buy these eggs to use as dummies to lure them in.  If you do food photography, they would be great prop eggs to keep on hand.  You could decorate them to look more like natural eggs, or paint them light blue and speckle them a bit like robins eggs and then use them year round for decorating in a basket or bowl.  You are limited only by your imagination.

Of course Walmart has lots of other great Easter items both online and in store!

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Disclosure: As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I’ve received compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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