Reveiw: Saute Express by Land ‘0 Lakes

Trying new things is fun!  This week I tested out the new “Saute Express” by Land ‘0 Lakes as one of the Walmart Moms.  They are kinda a cool product–for under $3 you get 6 cubes of herbs, spices, olive oil and butter that really “Make Mealtime Sizzle”.  There are 4 flavors-Lemon Pepper, Garlic and Herbs, Italian Herbs and Savory Butter and Olive Oil.  My local Walmart had three:
First I tried all three out using the directions on the back of the box–simply melting the cube and then sauteing 2 chicken breasts in the sauce.

I realized two key things. Number one:  Chicken breasts are thick and take a long time to saute on the stovetop.  It looks done before it is actually done in the center, so using an instant read thermometer to make sure it is completely cooked is a good idea.  Number two:  This isn’t a marinade, it’s a saute–so the flavor stays on the outside of the meat and doesn’t soak through.  The solution to both is to give yourself more surface area–either by butterflying the chicken breast or by cutting it up before cooking it.Buddy was my assistant taste tester on these.  We both like the color and appearance of the chicken after using the saute–there were a lot of spices that were in the saute and stuck to the meat providing flavor.  The Italian Herb was our favorite.

Next we tried a recipe from the Land ‘o Lakes website for Garlic, Chicken and Potatoes.

Garlic, Chicken and Potatoes

8 small red potatoes
3 Land o Lakes Garlic & Herb Saute Express squares
1 Lb boneless skinless chicken breasts
1 twelve oz package fresh green beans

Pierce potatoes with form in 2-3 places.  Microwave 3-5 minutes till they begin to soften
Melt 2 Saute Express squares in a skillet, add chicken and saute 12-18 min until golden brown on both sides and 165 degrees.
Remove meat from skillet and melt remaining Saute Express square.
Cut potatoes into bite sized wedges and add, along with green beans, into the skillet.  Cook over medium high heat stirring frequently until potatoes are brown and green beans are tender.  
Slice chicken and serve over potatoes and green beans.

Of course I didn’t follow it exactly.  I already had the chicken cooked from my taste test.  I had home canned green beans instead of fresh.  I peeled and cut the potatoes into chunks before microwaving.  I melted 3 of the saute cubes in the skillet, cut the chicken up into chunks, threw everything into the pan and heated through:It came out DELICIOUS.  We had it for lunch and everyone wanted seconds.

I think this is an interesting product for folks who want to have tasty meals without a lot of time or fuss.  I like that it’s a smaller sized product-using one cube flavors 2 chicken breasts–so it’s perfect for a couple or someone who lives alone.

You could use the cubes not only for chicken-but for pork and fish as well, or just to flavor potatoes, rice, and vegetables.

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post I am participating in with the Walmart Moms. Walmart has provided me with compensation for this post. My participation is voluntary and opinions, as always are my own.
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