Review & Giveaway: Eureka Endeavor NLS Vacuum

This week the folks at Eureka gave me the chance to review one of their new Eureka Endeavor NLS (Never Loses Suction) vacuum cleaners.  Not only that-but they offered me one to give away to a lucky reader!  How’s that for a deal?

The Eureka Endeavor NLS is a 16.75 lb, 12 amp vacuum that retails for $79.88 at Walmart (or The unit is a bagless upright and includes an Arm & Hammer HEPA flter that captures 99,97% of allergens and pet dander while eliminating odors. The HEPA filter should be replaced every 6 months

I didn’t have to assemble the unit, as it was sent to me fully assembled (I’ve put together Eureka products before-they are usually pretty simple).  After taking it out of the box I gave it a test run on my living room rugs and then tried out the PET Power Paw attachment on my stairs.  The vacuum moved easily and picked up debris and dirt well.

To empty the dirt from the bagless canister you simply push a button and remove the canister, hold it over your trash can and gently flip the catch on the bottom of the canister.  The entire bottom of the canister pops open and the dirt falls into the can.

Here the canister is open-before I started vacuuming ;)

Here the canister is dumping dirt into the trash after vacuuming. Boy, did my floors need that!

I love that feature-it makes it so much easier to clean the can.  The latch on the unit both on the bottom of the canister and a the top of the canister where you can take it apart for cleaning are both made of a single molded piece of plastic-which means you are relying on the “give” of the plastic when you snap it open.

Pers0nally I'd prefer to see an actual jointed piece there-we at the Frugal Upstate household are rather hard on things and I would worry that eventually that piece may snap with rough use. However considering the price of the unit ($79.88) and the cleaning power I can accept the single piece construction.The directions for washing it are right on the canister

Speaking of taking apart the canister-that’s another thing I love about this style of bagless vacuum that Eureka makes-the entire canister comes apart and every piece of it, including the filter (although not the HEPA filter down below) are meant to be rinsed out and reused.  I think this keeps the vacuum much cleaner.

Hmm. This came out a bit blurry. . .

I also tried out the PET Power Paw attachment.  Those looks pretty much like your standard “power” attachment, but it has small plastic notches and a rubber strip that are supposed to help grab pet hair from upholstery, curtains and shades.  Since our dog Summer isn’t allowed up on the furniture or on the stairs I didn’t really get to test that part of it-the normal vacuum is what picked up most of her hair.  However I though the brush did a fine job and seemed to have good suction on the stairs.

For more information check out the Eureka Endeavor NLS for sale at Walmart.

And now on to the fun part–the giveaway!

This giveaway runs from today-October 3rd through midnight EST Sunday October 9th.

To enter, just leave a comment telling me why YOU need the Eureka Edeavor NLS.

Good luck!  You can also “like” the Eureka Facebook page (keep your eye on them for other giveaways!) or follow them on Twitter.

****This is a sponsored post****
Disclosure: This review and giveaway is being sponsored by Eureka.  They provided me with the unit  for testing and will provide and ship the vacuum to the winner of the giveaway. My participation is voluntary and opinions, as always, are my own.
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  1. Adrienne Hayes says

    Like everyone with kids and pets, I need a great vacuum. I’m tired of buying okay vacuums that break down every year or two.

  2. Page says

    I need a new vacuum because everyone seems to keep stepping on the long hose of my canister vac and now it’s flat! – not good for the sucking power :(

  3. Monica Waugh says

    I need a new vacuum because I’ve got a crawler ho puts EVERYTHING he finds on the floor into his mouth and wht we’ve got now just isn’t cutting it!

  4. Marianna says

    I need a new vacuum since we just got new carpeting in our bedroom and I realize how in adequate ours old one is.

  5. Kari P says

    True story- Since losing my job in April, my lawn mower broke, my septic tank needed major repairs and most recently (last Saturday cleaning for guests) my VACCUUM CLEANER broke. I have exhausted my emergency funds on the other repairs, and have since resorted to using a LINT brush. I DESPERATELY need a new vacuum!!!!

  6. Chris says

    The vacuum I am currently using I bought at Lechmere back in 1990. It is still going but I have been looking to replace it. We really need a new one here. It just isn’t doing a great job anymore.

  7. Lora says

    The can that is easier to clean looks wonderful! I have a carpet sweeper that tends to jam when I try to change direction and a very old, decrepit vacuum cleaner. I’m looking for a more ideal product than either of them. Thank you for the information on this Eureka vacuum.

  8. Matt Ferrell says

    The vacuum I have now isn’t very good. It overheats and turns itself off 5 mins into vacuuming. So takes forever to get everything clean. So a new vacuum would be great. Having 2 cats as well, the PET Power Paw attachment should be very helpful!

    Thanks for the giveaway. Good luck all!

    animasou @ comcast . net

  9. cksknitter says

    I need the new Eureka Endeavor NLS Vacuum because it’s difficult to find a store that carries the bags for my old vacuum (which doesn’t work very well anymore). I love the bagless feature!

  10. says

    I need one because I have a 1 year old, a 3 year old and two dogs that both shed like crazy. And I’ll be adding a newborn to the mix in a few weeks and would prefer that the tiny babe not have to lay in piles of dog hair, sibling crumb drops or assorted other stuff that makes its way to our floor…


  11. ForeverBlessedMom says

    Our 21 month old LOVES vacuums!!! His favorite part of summer was a trip to the vacuum museum in Missouri. The little guy will act fussy at bedtime and beg to vacuum the floors. We have our third baby due in January and it isn’t easy to carry the vacuum to the basement for cleaning. My son would be thrilled to see a new vacuum in the house and give mommy a bit of relief on cleaning day!!!


    I would love to win this vacuum for my daughter Ambra. She is really having a hard time financially, and her vacuum broke a couple of months ago. She has been borrowing mine. She is a single mother of two, who works with Autistic children during the day, then goes to school a couple nights a week. I would just really like something nice to happen to her for a change.

    Debra Battiato

  13. says

    I would love a new vacuum. My current one seems to get things stuck in the hose and I am then forever trying to get it out so I have suction. Also, current vac does not work on my stairs at all. Would love to try the power part on the stairs.

  14. Anne Berkey says

    Ok, here it goes – I have waist length hair, my husband has a pony tail, we have four cats (including a long haired Norwegian Forest Cat) and we just got a beautiful white German Shepherd from a rescue organization. Most of my floors are hardwood/laminate, but we had to put area rugs down for the poor 10 year old doggie. Needless to say, the rugs look like they’re upholstered with cat and dog hair. Even before we got the dog, my husband’s NF cat was clogging up my Roomba, and it finally died this week. Help!

  15. Chad Stevens says

    My wife loves reading Frugal Upstate, and she has gotten me reading it as well. She is only able to work part-time because our youngest suffers from asthma and allergies and gets sick so much, she has to stay home to take care of her. Money is definately tight, but to her that doesn’t matter, she makes do with what we have by cutting costs at the Grocery store, buying second hand clothes and cutting alot of coupons! She never buys anything for herself at all, whenever we have any extra money, it goes to the kid’s for what they need. We have two dog’s that our my wife’s pride and joy (along with our 2 girl’s). She volunteers her time at our local Humane Society and fosters animals when she can. She is always so giving of herself to our family, and the unwamted animals at the Shelter.
    I believe my wife deserves the vaccum to help keep our house cleaner for my daughter who’s allergies prevents her from doing alot of things, and to help with the pet hair. We have an old Hoover that smells up the house everytime we start it up. I would love to be able to win her this vaccum, and give her something she deserves, she is so unselfish and always puts everybody else’s needs above her own. This would make her so happy, i just want her to know how much I love her and appreciate all that she does. Thank you for giving me this oppurtunity to try and win her this vaccum.

  16. Michael says

    I do not need one but my daughter does. My daughter is 18 has a 10 month old girl and is taking her basic college courses online. Knowing my granddaughter is crawling around a clean floor would make me very happy.

  17. Scott R says

    Jenn, thanks for this review.
    Dealing with Cat liter and cat hair, we’ve currently renamed our old Hoover bagged vacuum the Dirt Redistribution Device. This is because when we vacuum, it redistributes the dirt evenly across the floor and does so to give you the perception that the floor is clean. Quite a nice feature. Even after the dust cloud settles, it is quite an even distribution.

    Another great feature of our older vacuum is on short carpets, if you vacuum barefoot while standing behind it you get a nice message of particles(cat litter especially) hitting your feet. Some people pay extra for this type of thing. Again, another perk that not all vacuums will give you. Gives new meaning to the name PETicure.

    Again, thanks for the review and opportunity to enter.

  18. Natalie J Vandenberghe says

    I need a new Eureka Edeavor NLS because the vacuum we currently use is not very efficient. My husband does all the vacuuming (well, he makes the kids help) and I would love to surprise him/them with a new vacuum. Thanks for the giveaway.
    p.s. I really love the simplicity of your giveaway entry :)

  19. stephanie bell says

    I am completely without a vacuum! When we moved our vacuum just died from overuse I guess. I saw this giveaway and thought! Please oh please! Crossing my fingers!

  20. Gianna Patton says

    I *NEED* the Eureka Edeavor NLS because no vacuum so far has been able to keep up with our crazy household! The football playing teens are constantly tracking in grass from their cleats, the elementary-aged ones are constantly letting their presence be known on our carpets and the teen girls and Dad leave hair and trimmings EVERYWHERE… *sigh* My life would be so much easier!

  21. says

    l have 4 registered therapy dogs and 2 cats, and a vacuum cleaner with duct tape on the hose! l could use a new, good vacuum cleaner! 😉