Review & Giveaway: Tattler Reuseable Canning Lids

Today I’m reviewing Tattler reusable canning jar lids.  Yes-you read that right.  Re-useable!!!

When I heard about this product I was immediately intrigued.  It’s always bothered me that those metal canning lids are single use-and this year the packs of 12 for the regular mouth jars was running about $2.50-$3.  Considering the fact that I canned over 250 jars this year, that means I spent at least $50 on canning jar lids.  Thank goodness I already had most of the jars eh?

I wrote the kind folks at Tattler and asked them if they would be willing to provide me with some lids to review.  They were more than happy to-and also offered to host a giveaway here on Frugal Upstate!  (details at the end of the post)

Now before I start this review I want to do a big ‘ol disclaimer right up front.  The USDA has NOT changed their canning recommendations.  If you read all of their information the only approved way to can is with the disposable lids.  You should read all of the information available on the Tattler website and then make your own assessment of whether you feel comfortable using the product.

However, after reading the materials from Tattler I felt very comfortable with my decision to use this product for preserving food for my family.   These lids have been made since 1976 and seem to have a very good track record.

The Tattler lids are made up of a plastic lid (to replace the metal one) and a rubber gasket.  They use the standard metal canning rings that you already have to hold down the lids during processing and cooling.

The lids are BPA free and made of materials that are FDA and USDA approved for food.  From their website:

TATTLER Reusable Plastic Canning Lids are manufactured using a plastic compound that is safe for direct contact with food products.We utilize an FDA and USDA approved, food grade product known as Polyoxymethylene Copolymer (POM) or Acetal Copolymer.

The product we use is compliant with applicable FDA regulations for food contact. . .  This product is formulated using polyacetal base resin that is compliant for use in food contact applications according to (CFR), Title 21, 177.2470. Any additives, that may be present, comply with appropriate, specific FDA Regulations.               

Additionally, this plastic is approved by the USDA for direct contact use with meat and poultry products, as well as meeting the Sanitary Standards 3A Compliance for the Dairy and Food Industries Supply Association (DFISA).

Now on to the canning!  I wanted to really test the metal (ha!) of these lids, so I waited until I had some pressure canning to do before I tried them out.  I had an entire turkey that I had cooked specifically to can the meat-so that’s what I tested with.

To start, both the lid and the gasket are heated up in simmering water.

Then you go about your normal process of filling your canning jars with the hot food.

Next you wipe the rim just as you do with a standard lid.  I always like to use a damp cloth for this.

Now you take the lid and the gasket out of the hot water. . . and fit the gasket onto the lid.

The lid is placed on the clean jar rim.  You are supposed to press down on the center of the lid while screwing the ring down.

The directions state to tighten the rings all the way (a big difference from the “finger tight” normally used with disposable canning lids) and then loosen them a 1/4 inch.  That’s a 1/4 INCH-not a 1/4 turn-which is what I thought at first!

Then the jar went into the pressure canner right along with all the others.  After about a half an hour of heating up, 90 minutes of canning at 15lbs of pressure and another 30 minutes or so to cool. . . out came the jar.  Sealed!

With these lids there is an additional step when the jars come out of the canner–you must tighten the lid all the way down to help it seal!

Here is the jar after cooling–the lid was dimpled in and the seal was tight!  Success!

It’s 5 days later now and the jar is still securely sealed.  Of course I can’t comment on how long they stay sealed as I’ve only just started using them–but I have no reason to doubt the claims of the many reviews on their site.

The Tattler reusable canning jar lids run $20.95 for three dozen of the regular sized,  $23.95 for three dozen of the wide mouth.  That works out to $6.98 for a dozen of the regular sized.  Since the disposables cost me $2.50, as soon as I hit 3 uses on the lids I’m saving money!  The company has done trials using the same lids and gaskets 14 times with no failures–and they cite anecdotal evidence from satisfied users who have been using the same lids for up to 20 years.  So in the long run these could save a LOT of money for your average canner-even though the initial outlay may be expensive.  (note: there are bulk discounts for large orders and you can also order replacement gaskets on their own)

If you decide to buy some Tattler lids after reading this review,  I’d appreciate it if you’d consider using my affiliate link below or in the sidebar!

Your lids will cost exactly the same, but if you use my link I’ll get a tiny commission :)

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Now on to the fun stuff-the GIVEAWAY!

The kind folks at Tattler are hosting the giveaway of 1 box of regular lids and gaskets and 1 box of widemouth lids and gaskets for a lucky reader!

This giveaway runs from today–Tuesday Nov 29, 2011 until midnight Saturday Dec 4, 2011. 

To enter: leave a comment telling me your favorite food to can!

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post I. I received product to review. My participation is voluntary and opinions, as always are my own.
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