Review: Kinect Rush ~ A Disney Pixar Adventure

As you all know, I’m frugal by nature.

Yeah, I know,  big surprise.  It’s not like it’s in the title of the blog or anything!  But seriously, it takes me a long time to stomach putting out any kind of “major” outlay of cash, especially for something that I consider a luxury.

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The Xbox 360 with Kinect was that sort of thing.  To be honest, if I hadn’t been given one as part of a blogging campaign I don’t know if I would have purchased one–I would have continued to be on the fence about whether or not it was really worth the expense.

Now that we have one?  Well I’ve got to say-I’d highly recommend that folks who are considering one take the plunge (if their budgets allow-don’t go into debt or anything!).

Why?  Well first of all you can use it to watch your Netflix or Hulu Plus right on your TV-which is a great feature. My kids watch shows via Netflix much more than they watch actual network tv.

But the games where the Xbox 360 with Kinect shines.  Honestly-I’m not big on the kiddos playing video games.  I’d much rather they head outside to play.  And even though I try to limit media time (tv and games) they still watch more than I’d like.

Let’s face it-the weather isn’t always conducive to the kiddos playing outside.  Here in Upstate NY our winters tend to be cold, slushy and windy.  Not really optimal “playing outside” weather.  In the spring we tend to have a lot of rain-great for the gardens and all, not so great for the kiddos.  My kids are naturally energetic and there are times when I think that if they don’t burn off some energy I’m going to kill them.

With the Kinect your body is the controller-so to play the game you’ve got to MOVE.  Sometimes very energetically!  My kids love it, and I like knowing that they are using their “big muscles”.

Again, being frugal, we’ve only got a few games so far that use the Kinect feature.  I was excited when Walmart asked if I’d like to review the new Kinect Rush~A Disney Pixar Adventure video game and agreed immediately.

The game is based on 5 different Disney Pixar movies-Ratatoullie, Cars, Up, Toy Story and The Incredibles.  The kiddos have really enjoyed putting it through it’s paces for the review.  I decided the best way to really tell you about it was to make a video:

Remember: Kinect Rush~A Disney Pixar Adventure is available at your local Walmart or on!

Do you have any questions about the game or the Kinect for Buddy and I? We are happy to answer them!

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