Review: Walmart Custom Cakes

Usually I like to bake the cakes for my kid’s birthdays.  I enjoy the process of coming up with a theme and an idea-and watching it become reality.  My results aren’t professional, but they are fun.  I’m lucky that I work from a home office, so I can make time during my day to bake if necessary–not everyone has that ability.

This year was very busy around Princess’s birthday.  We took a family vacation, there were two birthdays, school concerts, events, and more.  I was out straight!  So I was happy to take Walmart up on their offer to review their custom cake department!

Quite a while back I did a review of the Walmart Party Assortment.  At that time it was months before Princess’s birthday, but I decided to be proactive and pick up everything I’d need for a great, girly, tween, “Peace Sign” style party.

When it was time for her birthday I was glad that I already had all of the party stuff on hand!  All I needed to do was order the cake.  Since the theme was peace signs I wanted to continue with that-and I decided I wanted a cupcake style cake-I think it’s so much easier to just pull them apart instead of having to mess around with cutting the cake.

(On the other hand when they make a “cupcake” they use a blob of icing under each cupcake to make it stick-so there is icing on the outside of the wrapper when the kiddo is holding it.  So you decide which you think is easier!)

They have a great book full styles and designs at the bakery section of Walmart-but I was in such a rush that I decided to tempt fate-I called up and told them over the phone that I wanted a cupcake cake, chocolate, with whipped icing, that the theme was peace signs and the colors were hot pink and teal.

I ordered it sight unseen!  And I was thrilled when I picked it up:

Isn’t it adorable?  I just love how they used the cupcakes to actually make a peace sign! It was PERFECT for the theme.

The cake was done with white whipped icing, and then they used that sort of airbrush thing to spray the purple, teal and pink on.  They must have mixed the pink coloring in to some of the icing to do the piping, because that was pink all the way through.

I’ve got to say, we really didn’t like the taste of the hot pink pipping.  While the colors tasted fine where it was sprayed on, the pink pipping tasted very chemical-ly.  I have a feeling that they added a bit too much of the coloring trying to get that deep vibrant color.  We just scraped those bits off and ate the rest :)

The total for the cake was just over $19-which means it was less than a dollar a cupcake.

Have you ever ordered a custom cake from Walmart’s bakery? I’d love to hear what you got and how you liked it!

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored review I am participating in with the Walmart Moms. Walmart has provided me with compensation for this post. My participation is voluntary and opinions, as always are my own.
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  1. Amyrlin says

    I have ordered in the past, about 6 years ago, for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. The cake did not taste very good even though the decor was pretty. I have been hesitant ever since. I think Princess’s turned out very cute looking.

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