Scent Your Home in Style with an Edison Wax Warmer (sponsored)

Are you familiar with wax warmers?  These nifty gizmos are like a scented candle–without the flame.  They use a lightbulb to gently warm a tray where you place scented wax cubes.  The heat gently releases the fragrance into your room–without worry about flame or fire.

I haven’t really used a wax warmer before-as a migraine sufferer I’m pretty careful about extra scents in the house.  Many of my friends and family members love scented candles though, so when Walmart offered me the chance to check out their new line of ScentSationals Edison Wax Warmers I decided to accept.  When I saw the styles of the warmers, I was SO glad I had.  Unlike many other ceramic style warmers, these are more like small lamps.  They feature super cool looking vintage style “Edison Bulbs” with the beautiful exposed wire elements, so the bases of all the Edison Wax Warmers are clear so you can see the bulb.  They actually vary in style from what I would consider “craftsman” to a sort of “Steampunk”.   If the typical wax warmers you have seen are too cutesy or country for your taste, you might just love these!  They run about $19.88 each and are available both online and in stores (although my local store hasn’t gotten them in yet). I was hoping to get the Colosseum or the Nautical warmers–either would have looked amazing in my 1890’s style home–but they sent the Catalonia.

Edison Wax Warmer

At first I was a bit disappointed–although the style does go with my home (it kind of looks like a traditional leaded glass window to me) it wasn’t as dramatic as some of the others.  That is until you light it up:

Edison Wax Warmer Lit up

I’d say that gives you some drama!

The wax cubes go in the deep tray in the top of the warmer.  It took a couple of minutes for everything to heat up enough for the scent to come out.  I was surprised by how well just a single cube scented the entire downstairs of my home.

Wax Melting in Edison Warmer

Each pack of scents contains 6 cubes and runs about $2 in store.  There is a WIDE variety of fragrances to choose from–and I was happy to see while in my local Walmart last week that many of the wax fragrance cubes now bear the Made in the USA label!

Wax Cubes

I think the warmer looks lovely in my home, and the kids really like it.  While I won’t use scent in it constantly, it makes a very lovely nightlight for the den and I can crank up the fragrance for parties and guests simply by adding a couple of wax cubes into it.

Edison Wax Warmer in use

Several of the other Walmart Moms got different styles of Edison Wax Warmers to try out–Lynnae shared the Melody style warmer, and The Domestic Diva has the Birdcage style warmer.

****This is a sponsored post****
Disclosure: As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I’ve received product samples and compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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