Simple Summer Flip Flop Wreath

Here’s a sweet summer wreath you can whip up in no time!

Simple Summer Flip Flop Wreath

Isn’t it cute?  I wanted to do something fun when Walmart asked me to do a summertime craft–and I couldn’t think of a good project.  So I asked for ideas over on the Frugal Upstate Facebook Page.   Anita suggested doing a flip flop wreath.  I thought that sounded like a great idea!

This wreath really was simple–the real trick was to use the decorator mesh!

Materials for Flip Flop Wreath

I went to the wreath making/ flowe arranging section of my local Walmart–which is no where near the craft section but rather over by the candles ( Not sure what the logic there is) .  I picked up a wire wreath form, some floral wire and some sunshiny yellow decorating mesh.  Then I headed over to shoes and picked up 4 pairs of inexpensive flip flops.

I decided the best way to attack this was to attach the mesh first and then add the flip flops on top.  I knew I’d be wiring a lot of things on, so I started out by cutting a bunch of 4 inch sections of floral wire.  Then I bunched up one end of the decorating mesh and secured it to the frame at a crosspiece.

Making Flip Flop Wreath 1

I left a big billow of mesh and then attached it again with wire 2 cross pieces over.  I just kept going around the wreath frame this way until it was covered.  They didn’t meet up exactly, so the last one was shorter.

Making Flip Flop Wreath 2

Next I wanted to attach a pair of flip flops over each place that I had attached the wire.  I used a large darning needle to poke holes through the soles, and then used wire to go through the pair and down into the wreath frame.  I took a second “stitch” the same way along the side to really secure the flip flops down so they didnt, well, flop around.

Making Flip Flop Wreath 3

Once the flip flops were placed I went back and gathered the mesh in between them with more wire.  Finally I took a new piece of mesh and coiled it around itself to make a large rosette to use at the top of the wreath instead of a bow.

flip flop wreath

The final result is all sunshine and summertime!

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