Snacking on Darifair Smoothies and Frappes

Do you like smoothies?  I do. . . but I don’t seem to make them very often.  My blender doesn’t get used much so it’s in the cabinet up above the refrigerator.  That means to whip up a spur of the moment smoothie I’ve got to get out the stool, climb up, move a few things, grab the blender, climb back down. . . then after I’m done I’ve got to wash it and put it all back up again.  So I rarely bother.

The kids do ask about them sometimes–so when Walmart and Danifair asked if I’d like to try out their new smoothies and frappes I thought it would be fun.

Darifair Smoothie Frappe all

So what are they?  They are premade smoothies and frappes that you can find in the frozen fruit section of you Walmart.  You thaw them in your refrigerator, shake and serve.  The smoothies are made with real fruit and milk, and the frappes are made with real coffee and milk.  Both the smoothies and frappes have 9 grams of protein, run around 200 calories each and cost $1.78.

Nutritional Info Darifair Caramel Mocha Pineapple Mango

I like the fact that they are made with “real” stuff–and that they have extra protein.  As I’m always telling the kids, protein helps you stay full .  At 200 calories (and over 30 grams of sugar) to me this product is more of a “meal for a mom on the go” or a filling afternoon snack/treat for the kids.

When I got the box with the samples, the kids were thrilled.  “Smoothies!  Can we try some?”.  Of course I said yes.  So they had one.  Then later that night they wanted another.  Then I caught them drinking them the next day.  Finally I had to threaten their lives if they had any more because I need to have some to actually do this post!!!  It is safe to say that they LOVED this product.

Princess preferred the smoothies with their fruit flavor.  They come in strawberry, strawberry banana and pineapple mango.  She developed a taste for mango when she visited my sister in Hawaii a couple of years ago–so the pineapple mango smoothie was her favorite.

Darifair smoothies poured

Buddy preferred the frappes, which are basically a coffee and milk smoothie.  I was glad the two of them liked different kinds–it prevented bickering!  They really do love each other, but seem to feel that a day isn’t complete unless they’ve bickered at least half of it.  *sigh*

Anyway–the frappes come in mocha, caramel and chocolate raspberry.  Buddy really liked the caramel frappe flavor.  Typically I don’t let the kids have caffeine–I just don’t see the need despite my own personal coffee addiction–but I figured it was ok for this type of occasional use.

Darifair Frappe poured

I’ve got to say I did not enjoy these as much as they kids did.  They tasted fine, but the texture was unusual~thick but not creamy.  I checked out the ingredient listing and saw “pectin” listed–so that makes sense.  Pectin is a natural substance (derived from fruits–usually apple or citrus) that is used in jam/jelly making to cause the juices to set into jam.

Since these are quite affordable at $1.78 each, and are sold individually–if you are interested in them it’s easy and inexpensive to try them out.  If you are interested in this quick, grab and go smoothie with it’s high protein content (9 grams!), you can get one of each of the 6 flavors for just under $11 and have a little tasting party to see which flavors your family enjoys.

Have any of you tried the Danifair Smoothies or Frappes yet?

****This is a sponsored post****
Disclosure: As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I’ve received product samples and compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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    My wifey loves smoothies. Though I have never seen any of these to in the home. Wonder if shes ever tried them before. These would keep her full but my son and younger brother would go through these like mad men. Wish they were sold in packet but individually we can test to see if see likes them or not.

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