Spooky Eyes in the Bushes Tutorial for Halloween

Walmart asked me to do a Halloween craft, so here’s a super quick, super cute, and super CHEAP one–Spooky Eyes in the Bushes!

How to Make Spooky Eyes in the Bushes for Halloween

All you need for this craft project is some empty cardboard tubes (toilet paper, paper towel, wrapping paper–you can even make your own with some cardboard and tape), scissors, masking/painters/duct tape, and some Glow Sticks from the Halloween Aisle at Walmart!

Materials for Spooky Eyes in the Bushes

Take your tubes and cut eye shapes out of them.  I just went freestyle, but you can get fancy and draw your eye shapes on first.  Think outside the box and use slits, crescents. . . anything you can think of.  Mine were just circles, ovals and vertical slits.

The concept here is to put the glow stick inside so that the color shines through the eye shaped holes you cut out–but if you don’t somehow block the ends of the tube you are going to have light shining out of there and possibly loose your light stick if someone brushes against the bush!  So you will want to cover the ends of the tube with something opaque to keep the stick inside and prevent the light from shining out.  I used blue painters tape because that was what I had on hand (and hey–it was going to be dark, so the blue shouldn’t show).  Black Duct tape would probably blend the best.  If you wanted to go all out you could even paint the tubes ahead of time with black paint!

Spooky Halloween Eyes in the Bushes

Tip-I found out AFTER I had cut my eyes that my glow sticks were too long for the toilet paper tubes, so I wound up with some pretty funky looking tape on the ends, bulging out to make room for the glow stick.  Again–the dark hides a multitude of sins!  To prevent this issue check the size of your light sticks first!  Also, you can cut the paper towel tubes to a better size for the longer glow sticks.

When you are all done just crack your glow sticks, give them a good shake, set them inside and tape up the end.  Tuck them into the bushes and enjoy your Spooky Eyes!

Halloween Eyes in the Bushes

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