Summer Means Camp Physicals

Do you have a kid heading off to camp this summer?  We do!  Princess is going to spend 3 weeks at a Masonic camp in the Adirondacks, and now that Buddy has moved up to Boy Scouts he will spend a full week at camp as well.


Princess last year at camp!

With camp, be it “sleep away” or day comes the inevitable camp physicals.  Those things are pages and pages long (especially that Boy Scout physical!)  It’s just one more thing to squeeze into your already busy “end of the school year/start of the summer” schedule.   And summer camp costs enough without having to worry about an expensive doctor’s appointment on top of everything else.  That’s why Minute Clinic wanted me to tell you all about their camp physical service and special!

Minute Clinics are clinics (duh) right inside a CVS store!  They are staffed by nurse practicioners and physicians assistants, they have  day, evenings and weekend hours, accept insurance and you can stop in when you need them without an appointment!  Seriously, the only thing NOT to love about Minute Clinics is that they aren’t available everywhere–at least not yet.  I’m very sad that there isn’t one in my area–although there are some downstate and in the major metro areas of Pennsylvania.   To check for a Minute Clinic in your area you can use the clinic locator on the CVS website.

If you do have a Minute Clinic in your area, you are in LUCK when it comes to camp (or sports!) physicals.  Right now they are offering  a special.  $20 off!  That means your kids can get their camp/sport physicals for just $39!!! That is a great deal.
Minute Clinic Camp and Sports Physicals

If your camp doesn’t require a physical, at that price you may want to get one anyway.  It’s always important to make sure your kids are healthy and it’s safe for them to participate in the active lifestyle of a camp.

For more information, visit the Minute Clinic Camp Physicals page, and watch the video below, where Minute Clinic had a chance to talk about camp physicals on “The Doctors”.


Disclosure: I have received promotional consideration from MinuteClinic.

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