The Smurfs 2

Do you remember the Smurfs?  I do!  It was the early 80’s, and although I was “far to old” at 10 to admit to liking a kids show like the Smurfs, my baby sister Vick was totally in love with them.  This was back in the day when cartoons were only available on Saturday morning (and kids got up at like 6am to start watching them!) so we had a VHS tape that we recorded about 20 different episodes of the Smurfs on and she would watch them over and over.

She wouldn’t even let us fast forward through the commercials.

As an adult I am now able to admit that I enjoyed watching them right along side her.  Sure–they were goofy.  Little blue men (and one woman) who lived in mushrooms in the woods and were only “three apples high”, a completely ineffective wizard villain who wanted to catch and squeeze (literally!) the magic out of the Smurfs, and an evil cat who was smarter then his master.  But they were fun.  It was colorful, bright and whimsical.  I always laughed off any goofyness with the excuse that they were originally from Belgium. :)

So I thought it was really cute when they came out with a Smurf movie a few years back–not only was it nostaligic and fun for the kids–but they actually poked a bit of fun at themselves in a way the folks who had grown up with the Smurfs would relate to–like in this clip:

When the Walmart Moms were at Bentonville in June one of the fun things we got to do was to meet with the ladies from Sony Pictures.  Actually–they had a private movie theater set up for us and we got to screen preview clips for the One Direction movie (coming out this fall I think) and Smurfs 2!

It was pretty cool–we saw some of the completed scenes, and then we saw some that had not finished being animated yet–parts of it were still just roughed in with the graphics looking like something from a video game in the 80’s!  We saw enough to get a good feel for the story.  Basically Gargamel is still in our world (and a celebrity-who knew?) and he creates some “almost” Smurfs that he calls “Naughties”–they are grey not blue so they don’t have that magical Smurf essence he is always looking for.  The Naughties wind up kidnapping Smurfette and teaching her to be naughty–and Papa Smurf and a few others come after her on a rescue mission–with the help of their old friends in NY.  Hilarity and mishaps ensue ending with, of course, Smurfette being saved and the Naughties being redeemed.

 Here’s the official trailer for Smurfs 2:

The Smurfs 2 will be released nationwide tomorrow, July 31.  If you head to Walmart, you can pick up the Smurfs movie value pack, which includes The Smurfs DVD (the original), a movie ticket to see The Smurfs 2, a pre-order of The Smurfs 2 on Blu-ray + DVD combo pack AND a chance to win a West Coast Customs Smurfs Dash Electric Vehicle.


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