Tutorial: Easy Easter Egg Wreath

I have been wanting to make an Easter Egg Wreath for YEARS now, so when Walmart challenged me to create an Easter craft–I knew exactly what to do!

Easy Easter Egg Wreath

Let me tell you–this was super easy.  If I had realized how quick and easy it was, I would have made one a long time ago.  The materials area simple–just head out to your local Walmart and pick up a wreath form (around $6), a hot glue gun with glue sticks (if you don’t already have one), and about 5 dozen metallic Easter Eggs ($1.97 per dozen).  It’s better to have an extra package of eggs and return them rather than have a skimpy looking wreath.

Easter Egg Wreath 6Cover your working surface (I used one of the bags our pellets come in) and carefully plug in and warm up your glue gun.  Then start gluing your eggs on.

Easter Egg Wreath 5I decided to start on one side and just work my way across from the outside to the inside and going counterclockwise around the form.  I tried to vary the placement of the eggs a bit so it wasn’t too much of a pattern, but without having too many of the same color right next to each other.

Easter Egg Wreath 4Just keep on working it until you are all the way around.  Don’t worry if the last ones don’t fit exactly.  Just try your best to fit them in.  Then step back and look at your wreath.  I’m sure you will see holes. . . this is where the rest of the eggs come in–just glue more eggs over any area where you can still see the wreath form.

Filling in Wreath

Once you’ve got all the “holes” covered, step back and look at your wreath.  At this point mine looked a bit uneven–as if I had built up certain areas a bit more than others.  That’s ok–I still had eggs left!  So add in a few eggs where ever needed to make the whole thing look even.

Easter Egg Wreath 1Then I just carefully threaded a ribbon through some of the spaces between eggs and make a loop for hanging.  In retrospect it might be best to do that first and add the eggs on afterwards :)  Then, despite the snowstorm raging outside, I hung my beautiful new wreath and snapped a picture to share with you.

Metallic Easter Egg Wreath 2I encourage you to try this wreath~you don’t need to wait several years like I did.  The materials are relatively inexpensive at Walmart, you can put it together in an hour or less, and it will decorate your home for years and years.

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