Veteran’s Day and Walmart

Happy Veteran’s Day everyone!  As most of you know, both Yankee Bill and I are veterans, and I had both of our children while on active duty.

Bill Jenn & Mallory

I met Yankee Bill in the military–way back in 1995 in Baumholder Germany!  Phew, that was a long, long time ago.  Yankee Bill’s family has a long history of service.  Both his father and grandfather were soldiers.  A few years back he made this great compilation of photos from each of their service:

Fowler Family VeteransCan you believe how much things changed in three generations?

On my side, my grandfather was also in the service–he served in the Signal Corps and stayed in the reserves for quite a few years after the end of WWII.

Continuing a tradition of service, my baby sister joined the reserves and  served a tour in Iraq.


Her tour wound up being in between two tours her husband, a Warrant officer and Helicopter pilot, served.  They somehow managed to have two kids in between there!  My sister is now out of the service, but my brother in law continues to serve.

Andrew in Iraq

Of course we still have a lot of friends who are veterans or still serving.  My husband continues to serve soldiers with his post military career job–he’s a job counselor for disabled veterans, and on the board of a local organization dedicated to bringing together all the different veterans service organizations in the area so that they can help as many veterans as possible.

You might guess from all of this–programs that support the military are near and dear to my heart.  I’m so glad that as a Walmart Mom I’ve gotten to know about some of the special programs that Walmart has for Veterans.  Back at Memorial Day I told you about the Welcome Home Commitment that Walmart made, promising that anyone who honorably discharged from the service within 12 months of apply for a job at Walmart would get one.  Today they announced that they have already hired more then 20,000 veterans! (the goal is 100,000 by 2018–that’s a dang good start on that goal).  The Walmart Foundation is also giving $20 million through 2015 to help veterans with job training, transition support and education.

And for the holiday, Walmart announced today they will be donating $2 million to Operation Homefront and Fisher House to provide toys, meals and lodging to military families who are in the greatest need of support this year.

“Today we’re reinforcing our pledge to hire, learn from and support our military heroes in every way we can, whether it’s recruiting veterans or reuniting military families during the holidays,” said Bill Simon, Walmart U.S. president and CEO and U.S. Navy veteran. “Through their service, our troops give us a land of freedom. We will keep doing our part to give them a land of possibility.”

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