What makes Mother’s Day great?

First off, a public service announcement.  Mother’s Day is Sunday–so if you haven’t taken care of the mothers in  your life you might want to make that happen!  And if you don’t, and someone gets upset. . . well, I tried!

So this year Walmart gave me a wide open challenge for Mother’s Day–just do SOMETHING to celebrate it and share with all of you.  Well, I thought about doing a craft, but really couldn’t think of anything that either I wanted (even if there are tons of cool things at Walmart) or that I wanted to make for my own Mom or Mother in Law this year.  (remember last year I made my mom some cool Chalkboard Labeled Canisters?)

Walmart Mother's DayThat got me thinking.  What makes a great Mother’s Day for me, personally?

Well, first off I’m not into having expensive gifts for every holiday.  True–I love gifts.  Just ask Yankee Bill–it’s one of the things he had to come to terms with in our marriage.  He could care less if he gets anything for holidays, I LOVE opening packages.  But I realized early on that it was a bit,  um, challenging to expect him to come up with a big, meaningful gift for Christmas, Valentines Day, Anniversary, Mother’s Day, and my birthday.

That’s 5 amazing gifts a year–and that’s a lot to expect of any man.  So we agreed that it would be Christmas and Birthdays for big gifts, and then 5 year wedding anniversaries for something more meaningful.  For the rest we just do small token type gifts.

I remember when I was a kid my mom used to tell us that what she wanted for Mother’s Day was for the 5 of us kids to spend a day and not fight with each other.  I don’t know if she ever got her wish (and really, we all do love each other–we are just forceful personalities) but I now understand it!

And that brings me back to me–what’s my idea of a great Mother’s Day?  Well, it’s having some nice, quiet time to enjoy things I don’t normally let myself do–like reading a good book in the middle of the day.  It’s also about spending time with my family–after all without Yankee Bill, Princess and Buddy I wouldn’t BE a mother.

So for my Mother’s Day from Walmart I chose to create a little “Mommy Quiet Time” kit:

Mother's Day Gifts

What’s in my kit?  Three romance novels by Johhanna Linsey (did you know Walmart sells all it’s books for 10% off the cover price all the time?), a nice card, a lovely coffee mug (it says “Keep Calm and Carry On” on the inside) and some delicious chocolates–Lindor Caramels and Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate and Raspberry.

So what’s the way I’d like to spend Mother’s Day?  Like this:

Jenn Relaxing for Mother's Day

Enjoying a hot cup of coffee, a good book and some chocolates on my lovely front porch.

So what makes Mother’s Day great for you (or the Mom in your life)?

Here’s what some of the other Walmart Moms did:

Renee from Cutie Booty Cakes got her mom healthy with a new Single Serve Blender for Smoothies.  Linsey at Lille Punkin took a bit of a break from her normal scratch cooking routine to have a Mother’s Day restaraunt style meal at home using frozen seafood.  Lynnae at Freelance Homeschool Mom got crafty with an adorable Mother’s Day Flowerpot full of pictures.  Caryn at Rockin Mama went the relaxation route and made a gift basket including homemade bath bombs.  Amy at MomAdvice crafted up some awesome Pom Pom Flower Bouquets.  Modern Mami made some gorgeous, grown up looking tissue paper flowers. Denise at Wholesome Mommy made DIY Coconut Orange Sugar Scrub (mmm!)

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