Royal Icing


  • 4 lbs Powdered Sugar
  • 3/4 C Meringue Powder
  • 1 1/2 TBS Warm Water or less
  • 2 TBS Flavoring Extract


  • Powdered sugar typically comes in 2 lb bags.
  • Meringue powder can be found in a small jar in the cake decorating aisle of your local Walmart or grocery store
  • Do not use oil based extracts-only alcohol based.


  1. Mix together sugar and meringue powder in your mixer on the very lowest setting (unless you want a huge cloud of powder everywhere)
  2. In a 2 cup measuring cup mix together the water and extract.
  3. Slowly start drizzling the water into the powdered sugar as the mixer is going.
  4. Once mixture is more liquid than powder increase speed to medium.
  5. Continue mixing until the icing can hold a peak.

Note: I like to store the extra icing in a container in the fridge. I usually take a very damp piece of paper towel and lay it across the top of the container before I put the lid on to keep it from forming a crust.

Note: When you color royal icing make sure to do enough to complete your entire project. You won't be able to mix an exact match later!